Feeling Comfortable This Summer

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been struggling with my weight for a while now. Before I had Olivia – and after my miscarriage with the baby before Olivia – I managed to lose a stone and a half quite quickly and seemed destined to continue on with this path – but then I got pregnant with O and the weight started creeping on. Since she’s been born, I keep putting on, losing, putting on, losing – and whilst I am starting to actually lose again properly – I seem to have some semblance of a mojo back – I haven’t been feeling comfortable in myself and what I am wearing at all. I’d love to get the confidence back to wear what I want.

Lauren Roberts
Something I am really struggling with is underwear. I still breastfeed Olivia at night but have not long weaned off daytime top ups around her meals. This means I was wearing a very unflattering non wired bra until recently and now don’t know what to get to both fit me and suit me. Add to that I don’t think I have any nice underwear sets and you can see that I definitely need a revamp with some new pieces – but I don’t know what suits me!

I’d love to regain some confidence back in myself and my body so I’ve been taking a look at Knix. They claim to be reinventing intimates for real life and they have some lovely items that not only look good but look comfortable too! I’m so fed up of comfortable but boring and ugly clothes or choosing beautiful clothes that are horrible to wear because they just aren’t comfy. Why can’t retailers get it right – we want beautiful stuff that is comfortable too! It seems Knix know that and they’ve got some lovely pieces that I am keen to buy with some spare cash at the end of the month.

I just want to feel comfortable this summer – and for that, I need to feel both comfortable in my own skin and in my clothes. That means those clothes need to make me feel good, both physically and mentally and this means both outerwear and underwear. I think Knix are my answer – what about you?

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