I-Top | The Electric Spinning Top Game That Will Challenge The Whole Family

We were sent an I-Top for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Do your children get super bored during the summer holidays and drive you insane with their whinging? Do you sometimes wish that they’d just sit down and play with something and be quiet, just for five or ten minutes. How about something that will keep them quiet all day? Then consider getting them an I-Top. Added bonus, it keeps the other half quiet too although you may have to prise it off him at some point so that your child can actually play with it.

But what is the I-Top? It is a spinning top game for kids but one that adults can enjoy too – it can keep fingers busy and avoid them picking up those electronic devices for the billionth time. It is pretty easy to master and everyone can have a go at the challenges. It really does challenge the whole family. If required, you can use the reset button to start the challenge again but otherwise the high score will show for that top. When not in use, you can fold the handle down which makes for super easy storage.

Jack has been having a lot of fun with his. We were sent three recently – one in packaging and two without. Steve has also been having a lot of fun – he couldn’t wait to try them out and show Jack exactly what he needed to do. They’ve been taking on the different challenges and constantly striving to beat the other. Jack also keeps sneaking off when he thinks we don’t notice, desperate to try to beat his Daddy’s latest high score! Trying to capture the high score on camera has proven quite difficult – my boy and his Dad seem to spin them so fast!

There are three different challenges- Top Score where it is who can get the highest score; 99 Challenge to see how many ’99’ challenge stars you can get and Compass so that you ‘never get lost again’. The top also comes with unlockable play modes – you need to spin the secret combinations to see special animations appear. It’s simple to do but will take practice to master!

How do you achieve these?

Top Score: As you spin your I-Top, you will see numbers scrolling along which is your top counting your number of spins. There are two messages alongside this – last which shows the last score you achieved and high which shows your current high score.

99 Challenge: Spin your top and grab it exactly when it hits 99 spins. If you manage this, you will unlock a secret animation and you will win a star that will be displayed each time you spin your I-Top. Win it multiple times to increase your star number.

Compass Mode: There are many hidden modes and you have to do your best to find them. One such way is to spin your I-Top right-left-right-left successively without EVER exceeding thirty turns! Should you manage this, you will unlock the compass that shows you north, south, east and west so you ‘never get lost again’!

I’ve also mentioned the hidden modes – some that you can try are to get the following scores – 214 (Cupid), 314 (Pi) and 888 (Chinese Lucky Charm). There are many more so give them a try and see what modes you can unlock!

So what did we think?

We’ve been having lots of fun playing with these recently and trying to beat high scores and achieve the challenges. The highest score achieved so far has been over 500 which is crazy! We are keen to beat that though so we can achieve the hidden modes. So far we haven’t mastered the 99 challenge but that isn’t through want of trying! We’re still to unlock a hidden mode as well but with Jack soon to be on break for six weeks, I should think it will take him no time at all to master the hidden modes!

I really like the idea behind these games. Whilst they may look like a simple spinning top on first look, they are actually so much more and have so many hidden depths with all the different challenges and modes you can unlock. So many toys and games become so boring after a couple of uses but these really are the gift that keeps on giving as you are always striving to better yourself and beat the scores of others. My family has certainly been challenged by these and will continue to be for the next few weeks!

They also come in a multitude of bright colours and are super affordable in price for a mere £14.99. Available at Character Online, Amazon {affiliate link} and all good retailers, these are definitely worth picking up for the kids this summer. They will love the challenge!

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  1. this looks really interesting – definitely something that my son would love. I like that you can see it as a bit of a personal challenge to beat your score, or the game, next time 🙂

  2. We love games in our household and I can imagine it getting pretty competitive amongst us to beat each other. Anything that stops my children picking up their mobiles is always a bonus too!

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