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I love setting myself goals. Do I always complete them? No – but I do try – and that’s what counts. I set myself a number of goals for 2016 and whilst I can’t say I ticked them all off the list, I gave them a good go. So what have I got planned for 2017?


  • To find a better balance – This always crops up in my goals list as it is one I really struggle with. With baby girl due in January, I really do need to find a good balance between everything and I am hoping getting organised in advance right now will help.
  • Relaunch Keene On Saving – This is already in the works so I can partly tick this one off!
  • Guest post on 5-10 blogs in 2017 – I miss guest posting so would like to do it again but don’t want to overwork myself trying to get out content for others whilst trying to create my own
  • Stick to my guns – I’ve recently raised my prices and I need to be steadfast about sticking to them. I know people will pay my rates – this was shown by two last minute pieces of work before Christmas – so I’ve got to have faith and trust in myself and know when to say no.
  • Build up on my Youtube and Instagram – These are the two extensions of my blog that I really want to work on in 2017. I’m also hoping to help Steve grow his niche Instagram account to bigger and better things.
  • Complete some blogging/money/organisation related e-courses or projects, free or paid for – I’ve already signed up for a few for next year and can’t wait to get started on them (Free Financial New Years Resolutions course by EmmaDrew.Info, Project Productivity course from YouBabyMeMummy and The Organised Life Project by Life By Naomi are the ones I have currently signed up for)


  • Get some more long term clients – I managed to pick up a few more long term clients in 2016 but also had to say goodbye to a couple too. I picked up some more towards the end of 2016 and would like to continue this into 2017. I also have a few blogger friends who hire me for certain blog related work and recommend me whenever they see someone asking for a certain thing – I can’t thank them enough for their faith and support in me.
  • Get back to using my work website – with work being so busy and the pregnancy, I haven’t been updating this as much as I should have done which is a shame. I hope to update it more in 2017.
  • Finally get a staff writing job for another blog – This is my main freelance/writing aim for 2017. Not only would it be a handy piece of income but it would also help me to boost my profile, a win/win I think.


  • Lose the baby weight – Don’t worry, I am not going to put the pressure on myself to lose it super quickly but I have managed to put on the whole amount I lost during my time at Slimming World during pregnancy. I know lots of this will disappear once baby is born but I am hoping to get back to where I was and back on my weight loss journey – if only to get back properly onto the Slimming World healthy eating plan and not giving into what my pregnant hormones want instead – I just want the good healthy food!
  • Get back into exercising – Again, this won’t be rushed after baby is born but I want to add something into my routine alongside the walking I do every day. I’m not sure what I will do – I need to find something that works for me and around my schedule with Jack and baby girl – but I’m determined to find something. I’m thinking about buying a bike to go cycling around my beautiful village on – I’ve been taking a look at Bike Discount UK to see if I can get a decent discount on one.


  • Enter more writing competitions – I started 2016 with good intentions and entered quite a few but this tailed off after a while. I would love to give this another shot in 2017.
  • Complete my GoodReads challenge – Again, I started off with good intentions… I am going to lower my amount for next year and hope I can complete it. I think I may have been overly ambitious this year.


  • Get debt free or as close to debt free as possible – Hopefully I can manage this in 2017, I managed to clear two debts alone this month so I am confident if I keep working hard and pushing myself, this is achievable by December 2017.
  • Increase my income – I’m not going to say double my income as I tried that this year and didn’t manage it – but increasing it next year would be a major plus. If I can get anywhere close to what Emma brings in a month, I will be extremely happy!
  • Minimalise my belongings and sell what we don’t require – If you’re anything like me, you have tons of stuff just sitting around not being used. I’ve already made a start on this and got rid of some stuff but I’m trying to completely scale down on what we don’t need and am selling things we no longer require and putting the money towards becoming debt free as quickly as possible. I’m even thinking about taking part in some decluttering challenges I’ve seen!

Have you got any goals for 2017?



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  1. That’s a very thorough list. I keep meaning to draft the first chapter of a novel because magazines like Good Housekeeping tend to launch their writing comps around March. Have I done it yet? No!

  2. I think many of us under price our work and think along the lines of it’s better than nothing. It’s hard when you are starting out but we need to see our own value and stick to our guns and be paid a fair wage for our work.

  3. I need to sort my blogging and personal life out and try to dedicate time to them both equally as I seem to never have a spare hour in the day – good luck with your goals I think it’s a great way to set yourself targets

  4. I plan to try and practice more self care. Remind myself that I am important too, rather than allowing myself to be run into the ground. I also hope to be more consistent with my writing.

  5. They seem really positive goals to have. I’m terrible with courses – I signed up to about 6 last year (quite a few paid for), and I don’t think I’ve completed 1 yet, with some i’ve not even started. I’d been hoping to do them over the Christmas hols, but N hasn’t wanted to go out on the farm as much as I’d thought he would! #thelist

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