My Plans For 2019

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Do you have any plans or goals for 2019? I have a few but am trying not to make too many because I find if you set too many, it makes them harder to achieve as you feel the pressure more. Every year I seem to make far too many goals and then get disappointed at the end of the year when I haven’t managed to achieve them all. Some are really hard to achieve too so I shouldn’t be disheartened at being unable to complete them all.

I’ve only set a few plans or goals for next year, here are the few things I would like to do in 2019.

Move House

This was actually in the plans for 2018 as we are severely lacking in space here but unfortunately it never came to pass. With Olivia almost two years old, time is of the essence and I really want to get moved in the first few months of 2019. I’d definitely have to hire a reputable moving company to help me as we wouldn’t be able to manage all this stuff, just me and Steve.

The only problem is trying to find something in our budget in our village that is the right size. We have to stay in our village due to Jack’s schooling and extra-curricular clubs and activities, Steve’s work and Olivia’s playgroups all being based here. Here’s hoping some come up in January for us.

Scott Webb

Lose Weight

I really wanted to do this in 2018 but I really struggled to get in the right mindset. Once New Year’s Eve is over, Steve and I have pledged to get back on track. We need to get rid of all the naughty Christmas stuff first – I am thinking giving it to my friends tomorrow night! I want to have lost two stone by the time our village Fun Run rolls around so wish me luck!

We aren’t too sure how we are going to approach this yet – whether we choose simple healthy eating and exercise or following a plan but we can’t wait to get started.

Grow My Business

2018 was a great year for me growing my business. I took on more clients as a virtual assistant, I worked on some pretty cool campaigns, I got some fantastic and exciting things booked in for 2019 too! I would love to add more clients on the virtual assistance side of things and I’d love to do more freelance writing for different clients too. I have also done much more as a ghost writer which has been pretty cool – the content may not have my byline but it has been super exciting to see it go live and be received well.

Learn A New Skill

Finally, I would love to learn a new skill. I wouldn’t say I have too many skills so I’d love to build on these for 2019. Whether it is learning a new language, learning to sew or something completely obscure, I’d love to work on and develop my skillset and 2019 is the perfect time to do it.

Do you have any plans or goals for 2019? What are you hoping to achieve?

My Goals For 2018 | Personal, Blogging, Work & More

Last year I wrote my 2017 goals and just yesterday shared a recap. Now is the time to write my 2018 goals – so what do I have planned? I’ve already touched on my fitness goals and business aims for 2018 so won’t go into those in too much detail in this post. So what do I plan on achieving in 2018? Plenty are the same or similar to last year…


  • Relaunch Keene On Saving – I really need to get onto this.
  • Work on the UK Bloggers site with Sarah and Rachel and see what we can achieve with this.
  • Guest post or do interviews with 5-10 blogs – I really want to get back to this.
  • Stick to my prices – I sometimes find myself not being as resolute about sticking to my guns and I really need to be more strict.
  • Build up my socials – I’m happy with the growth I have made so far but would love to build up my YouTube some more and do more with my Facebook page.
  • Take advantage of the fantastic resources from bloggers out there more often – watch out for a post soon about why you should be utilising the offerings bloggers have from free printables to paid courses. I’ve learned a lot from other bloggers this way.


  • Get some more long term clients – Wouldn’t everyone want to do this?
  • Revamp my work website – I didn’t manage this in 2017 but I want to give it a whole new look.
  • Get more writing jobs on other sites – hopefully I can achieve this after having some success in 2017.
  • Add an As Featured In… section on my blog and my work website – I’ve been lucky to have been featured in some fab places recently so why aren’t I talking about it?


  • Lose the baby weight and get fit – This doesn’t need more of an explanation, does it?


  • Enter more writing competitions – This needs to be taking some precedence in 2018 as I have really struggled to do this in 2017.
  • Complete my GoodReads challenge – I am going to set myself a fairly achievable goal after struggling this year to even read any.


  • Get debt free or as close to debt free as I can – I am going to be working super hard to achieve that this year.
  • Increase my income – I managed to do this so well in 2017, lets hope I can do even better this year.
  • Declutter more and sell more – I want to sell what I no longer want or need (donating some things too, of course) and putting it towards debt.

These are just a few goals to see me through the year – what do you hope to achieve?

My 2017 Goals | A Recap

My 2017 Goals | A Recap

It’s the last day of 2017 so it is time for a recap of my 2017 goals. How did I do?


  • To find a better balance – I would like to say I’ve mostly achieved this – I do take a little more time off than I used to.
  • Relaunch Keene On Saving – Nope. This totally didn’t happen.
  • Guest post on 5-10 blogs in 2017 – This also didn’t happen – but I was busy with other stuff so its understandable.
  • Stick to my guns – I kept to this mostly – but it can be tempting on those leaner months to take a little less.
  • Build up on my Youtube and Instagram – This is a yes. I’ve grown in subscribers, I’ve added far more content to my YouTube and had more interaction. Instagram is where I am most pleased though – this has grown amazingly.
  • Complete some blogging/money/organisation related e-courses or projects, free or paid for – This is a total and utter fail.


  • Get some more long term clients – Yes! I currently write for a couple of different people and sites, am a virtual assistant for five people and have developed long term blog work with others. Very happy!
  • Get back to using my work website – This didn’t happen. I really need to work on this in 2018.
  • Finally get a staff writing job for another blog – I didn’t manage this BUT I do the old bit of ghost writing for a couple of bloggers and also write for some company blogs too.


  • Lose the baby weight – This started well but I’ve completely fallen off the wagon of late. A goal for next year.
  • Get back into exercising – This didn’t happen. Another goal for next year.


  • Enter more writing competitions – I entered a couple but nowhere near the amount I wanted to.
  • Complete my GoodReads challenge –  All the nopes here. I only managed a handful of books.


  • Get debt free or as close to debt free as possible – Nope, this hasn’t happened – however I have cut out a lot of it already.
  • Increase my income – Yes, this has happened and I am very happy, woo!
  • Minimalise my belongings and sell what we don’t require –  I’ve been doing this on and off throughout the year, I hope to continue this into 2018.

So as you can see, I managed a few and failed a few too. Did you set yourself goals for this year? How did you do?

Trying New Things In 2018

Trying New Things In 2018

As we start the last day of 2017, I’ve been looking back at my year. Whilst I’ve certainly got up to a lot this year, I cannot quite say that I have completed all of my goals – and on that note, check back later today for my 2017 goals recap.

What I have noticed is that I have been quite comfortable this year – doing things I am used to, things I know all about and not trying anything new. Putting myself out there and entering writing competitions? Yep, that didn’t really happen. Trying a new sport? Nope, a newborn baby put paid to that.

I had so many goals for 2017 – I knew I wouldn’t necessarily complete all of them but still, the majority would have been nice. They say that trying something new has some incredible benefits so why am I not putting myself out there more, giving things a try?

Steve isn’t afraid to try anything once and I often wish I was more like him. So I hope that I can make 2018 the year of trying something new. So what do I want to do this year that’s new for me?

Zain Bhatti

Try A New Food

I am quite lucky that I am one of the least pickiest eaters I know – especially in comparison to Steve and Jack! I regret not taking the chance to try snails or frog legs in France when I was there (even if they sound disgusting) and I always hated the idea of sushi, tried it and now love it. I want to try at least one new food this year – although there is still, of course, some things I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole

Holiday Somewhere Different

I am so used to city breaks or staycationing in the UK. I would love to try something different for the whole family. My cousin has been working in the Alps at a ski school for a year or so now and I love catching up with what he’s been up to – maybe a holiday in France and some lessons at The Snow School are just what I need to take me out of my comfort zone.

Branch Out A Little More In My Freelance Work

As I get further and further into my freelance career, I am adding more and more strings to my bow. As I work and learn more, I hope to be able to offer more services.

Get A New Hobby

Finally, I want to find something new to do outside of the house. I’ve tried zumba and other fitness classes, I’ve gone to baby groups. I’m thinking of trying the local book club or running club this time around, what do you think?

Do you plan on trying something new in 2018?

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My Fitness Goals For 2018

My Fitness Goals For 2018

This year has been a bit of a bust when it comes to my fitness. Since having Olivia I have lost all motivation to really do anything fitness related – except for the odd walk or run. This is a stark contrast to the end of 2015 and half of 2016 before I became too pregnant with Olivia to do too much.

I used to walk, run, play squash and try plenty of other activities, keeping fit whilst losing weight. I managed to lose over a stone and a half doing this and I’d love to achieve this and more in 2018.

I have a few fitness goals for 2018 – here’s hoping I can achieve them.

Get Walking More

Back when I was doing really well, I was walking Jack to school and back every day plus going for walks during his school day and walks in the evening with friends. I’ve got a bit too lax about this and tend to get in the car – we live across the other side of the village but it is easily walkable to I really should do it more.

Run, run, run

My village has its very own running club which is growing in popularity. There are more and more people joining each month and there is always a run going on every day, usually at least one in the morning and one in the evening. They are very supportive of you, no matter what your ability is and they seem like a great bunch. It was started by a fellow Year 1 mum and I know plenty of people in the club – now I’ve just got to work up the courage to join.

Bruno Nascimento

Join the gym

We have a few gyms around here so I just need to work out which one is better for me, both financially and in terms of equipment. I’d love it if there was a swimming pool – although I would have to buy swimming pool essentials such as a costume and swimming goggles. This isn’t a deal breaker though. I used to go with my friend to her gym and play squash which was good fun – I’d love to get doing this again.

Try something new

I don’t want to get in a rut so I’d love to try something new such as hitting the slopes at Chill Factore or giving golf a try – Steve loves golf and it seems to do wonders for him!

Workout from home

Finally, I want to start doing some workouts at home. As well as eating more healthily and drinking more water, I want to be productive with my time at home. I know a couple of my friends really recommend certain workout DVDs or YouTube channels but I’d be interested to know the ones that you would recommend. I may be picking a few up in the Boxing Day sales!

I’d love to try a few more things in 2018 – perhaps try a new sport, join the running club and work my courage up to better my ability and perhaps even run a race by the end of 2018 – I’m in awe of some bloggers such as Kirsty who runs races on a regular basis!

Have you got any fitness goals for 2018?

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