Don’t Forget These Wedding Essentials

Planning a wedding takes a lot of hard work, so it is hardly surprising that many brides forget something essential until right before the big day; some even forget wedding day essentials completely and just have to make do. If you don’t want to go into your wedding day on a downer because you’ve forgotten something essential, take a look at these wedding essentials no bride should forget for her big day:


Many blushing brides-to-be spend so much time focussing on picking the perfect dress and ensuring that their hair and makeup is flawless that they neglect to even consider their wedding day undergarments. This leads to panics, wardrobe malfunctions, and mad dashes to the shops on the big day, but it could all be so easily avoided by taking the time to try out the dress, taking along the right underwear to the final fitting, to ensure your figure looks great in your dress.


Toilets aren’t exactly glamorous, so it’s not surprising that some brides forget them completely when they’re planning their big day, but if you’re having lots of guests and you’ll be getting married in an outdoor location, toilets need some thought. Elegance Toilet Hire is a company that hires out luxury toilets, which will look much more glamorous, thanks to the extra space and bathroom facilities they offer, than the average port-a-loo and which are infinitely better than having few to no toilets available on the big day. What a disaster that would be!

Bathroom Products

As well as ensuring you have enough bathroom/toilet space for all of your guests, it is always nice to ensure that they are filled with the essentials that your guests might need during the event. Nice soaps, hair ties and bobby pins, deodorant and breath mints will make all the difference, and your guests will really appreciate the gesture. As a bonus, your photos will also look much better if you provide some of these things!

Morning Outfits

If you are going to spend the morning of your wedding getting ready with your best friends and family by your side, you will probably want to take pictures to mark the occasion, which is why wearing your holey old joggers and worn out t-shirt just won’t cut it. Instead, you should invest in nice robes for you and your ‘team’ to wear as you do each other’s hair and makeup. You’ll all look great and so will the photos.


Cutting the Cake

Cutting the cake is a highlight of any wedding and one of the most photographed parts of the proceedings, so you must remember to take along a pretty knife and server to do the deed. It doesn’t have to be really expensive, but a nice piece of decorated silver will look the part and ensure that even the tiniest details of your wedding are elegant.


It’s your wedding day, so you’re probably more concerned with all the wonderfully generous gifts your loved ones will shower you with to mark this most important of milestones, but you should not forget your manners. Take some time to pick out a few simple gifts for your parents and your partner’s parents, as well as the bridesmaids and best man and anyone else who will play a significant role in your wedding. This is the gracious thing to do, and it should not be overlooked.


You’ll probably remember your own accessories, but what about the bridesmaids and flower girls? If you want to make their day and make your wedding pictures look even more beautiful, pick out a few accessories to give them on the day.

Emergency Supplies

No matter how much time and effort your put into planning the perfect wedding day, there is always a strong chance that something will go wrong, which is why you should always pack up a little emergency kit, complete with things like hairspray, extra buttons, needles and thread, stain remover and glue, which will enable you to put right most mistakes should they happen.

If you do all of the above, and anything else you can think of, there is no guarantee that your wedding day will go off without a hitch, but it is much more likely. Either way, you should try not to worry about it because, sometimes, those little mistakes are the most memorable parts of the wedding in a good way, if you handle them with grace and avoid the temptation of turning into a bridezilla!



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