Help Mum Stop Smoking with an E-Cigarette this Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is just around the corner, so what gifts will it bring this year? Flowers? Chocolates? Vouchers? We feel it’s time to think outside the box when giving to the most important women in our lives.

Everyone knows someone who smokes, but I’m not here to lecture you on why it’s bad for your health. Instead, I’m going to introduce you to the benefits of an alternative. It’s an alternative which can save hundreds of pounds a year, while making its user and the planet healthier — making it an extremely useful gift for Mother’s Day!


E-Cigarettes: Better for Mum’s Budget

You’ll often hear people complain about how expensive cigarettes and tobacco have become. With recent legislation intent on raising the cost even further and the ever increasing cost of living, how is your mum’s weekly budget going to stretch? The electronic cigarette is no fad; it offers a cheaper, tar-free alternative to conventional cigarettes. While at first glance they may look just as expensive, if budgeted properly, you could help your mum save hundreds of pounds a year! Yearly budgeting is a big ask, so we’ve got an in-depth guide on how much you can save with an e-cigarette here.

Buying an e-cig is just as easy as buying a cigarette, too, so there’s no excuse to not save money!


E-Cigarettes: Better for the Environment

We often see that products that are good for the environment also cost more money. In the case of e-cigarettes, though, we see the opposite. When grown on a large scale, tobacco farmers use pesticides and potentially harmful chemicals to maximise profit. In addition to this, there are a number of other effects that intensive, profit-driven farming can have on the environment. Be it the cutting down of forests for growing, leaving the soil void of nutrients, forest fires, or climate change, they are all issues that tobacco industry plays its part in.

If your mother happens to be eco-conscious and keep to take up a sustainable hobby, e-cigarettes are a great gift idea for them. The materials used to make e-cigarettes are all recyclable. Many local supermarkets can dispose of the batteries safely and, if cleaned first, the plastics and metals in your mum’s e-cigarette can be put in the weekly recycling boxes provided by your council. There’s really no excuse not to vape responsibly!


Improve Mum’s Health with E-Cigarettes

The negative effects of traditional smoking are well documented and have been drilled into us from every angle for many years. There’s no point repeating what has already been said a thousand times. Despite all this, using electronic cigarettes as a healthier alternative has come under scrutiny from the media and British public. Studies and news stories supporting above-board, factual evidence, often get less attention than more sensationalist content.

The bottom line is: vaping will still give your mum that nicotine hit (if using an e-liquid that includes nicotine); it just doesn’t come with any of the harmful chemicals present in tobacco — like nicotine patches, but cigarette-shaped! And don’t worry, there’s plenty of flavours available when vaping, so mum can still enjoy the tobacco flavour! The same flavour of a traditional cigarette, without any of the stigma attached.

In fact, most users of electronic cigarettes enjoy it just for the flavours, so if you know your mother loves a particular sweet and fruity flavour, make sure to include it in your Mother’s Day gift in the form of e-liquid!

Enjoying it so much, all the other benefits are just an added bonus. With such a variety of styles, brands and flavours, check out all our advice on finding the right electronic cigarette and nail down that perfect Mother’s Day gift — before it’s too late!

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