5 Easy Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

It’s safe to say that in the digital era, blogging has become kind of a big deal. New blogs are being established every day and being a blogger has the potential to earn you a healthy income. There are a few ways – from sponsored posts to reseller hosting – that will help to turn your blog into a viable business venture.

Whether your current blog is just a hobby, or you have a commercial website and you want to make extra money through your blog, then you’ve found the right post. It could mean beginning a new venture like reseller hosting, or making the most of a classic feature like advertising space. Either way, there are a few simple ways to make money from a blog — and here are five that you can get started on today.


  1. eCommerce

You would have to live under a rock to be unaware of the current pandemonium that is the digital era. At the centre of it all is the internet; that alone has completely revolutionised the world of business and changed the way we live our everyday lives. Of course, this includes the way we do our shopping.

If you’re a business owner in the digital era and your business sells a product, you should undoubtedly be selling it online. Not only is the eCommerce industry worth hundreds of billions, but it’s an industry that’s continuing to expand and evolve on a daily basis with no signs of slowing down.


  1. Advertising Space

Much like a magazine or newspaper — you know, those things people used to read before the internet came along — websites have plenty of space available to sell for advertising purposes. Due to the growing popularity and exposure of various blogging topics and trends, this advertising space can be very attractive to businesses.

Depending on your chosen niche, there will be specific themes and styles around certain industries to tap into. Let’s say you were running a travel blog, for example. If people are visiting your website for information and advice about destinations, then the space on your site will be very appealing to companies in relation to travel, like cruise liners or flight directories. You’ll often see travel bloggers with adverts for the likes of Airbnb or travel agents, so these are the types of businesses you’ll have the most luck with.


  1. Reseller Hosting

If you have a website, by now you will have purchased web hosting — unless you’re using a free hosting site, such as WordPress. But most serious bloggers and businesses will have purchased website hosting by now (VPS hosting, dedicated server, cloud hosting) and, if you want to be competing with the best bloggers in your area of expertise, you should be following suit.

Most high-quality web hosting companies will have a reseller hosting service, which allows you to start your own reseller hosting business via your website. By doing so, you become the middle-man between the web hosting company and your own clients. This means all the technical aspects of the service will be handled and maintained by the web hosting company, making your job a lot easier. Reseller hosting businesses have become an ideal money maker for people who already have websites, such as bloggers, so reseller hosting is well worth looking into if you’re keen to make some quick cash through your blog.


  1. Sell a Service

The internet and digital era as a whole has created a vast array of industries and career paths that previously didn’t exist. This has led to an abundance of people opting for freelancing careers. As a freelancer, you need somewhere to promote and sell your service — and what better place to do so than a blog?

Freelance writers, web designers, artists, filmmakers; these are just a few of the creative types that are selling their skills as a freelance service. A blog not only helps them to gain more exposure, but also to produce high-quality content that’s relevant to their industry. Instead of eCommerce transactions, expanding a list of contacts and clients is how freelancers make money — and it’s all possible because of a website.  


  1. Sponsored Posts

While perusing various blogs, you’ve probably come across some sponsored posts. If you haven’t, then you definitely will have seen sponsored ads on social media. Marketing via social media and blogs is essential in the modern business world; these platforms are visited by millions of people every day, so ignoring them would be foolish.

It’s for this reason that offering sponsored posts on your blog can be an ideal way to make some extra money. If your blog is a high-authority site, you have a much better chance of attaining a higher fee; the better your Domain Authority, the more valuable a link on your blog becomes to other sites. If your blog is relatively new, it may take you some time to build your brand and to seek out smaller businesses that will be interested. Either way, though, it’s a money-maker and something to kept in mind as your site develops.


No matter what purpose your blog has — whether it’s just an online journal or a platform to promote your career — by now, you will have spent at least some money on it (website hosting, design, etc.). With this in mind, it’s always beneficial to make some money back from your investment. These five ways to do exactly that are relatively straightforward, don’t require much in the way of expertise and are all used by bloggers to make money and fund their blogs. So get involved and take your blog to the next level!

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