The Difference Between Having A Boy And A Girl

When it comes to babies, plenty of people tend to tell you that there are so many differences between having a boy and a girl. Different temperaments, different rates of growth  – you’d think they were entirely different species rather than genders the way that some people differentiate between the two.

Now having one boy and one girl, I can’t say I have noticed too much of a difference except maybe the fact that I am now going out and buying girls dresses. In all fairness, both Jack and Olivia were quite similar as babies – Olivia will quite often do something and it’ll remind both Steve and I of Jack straight away. They are so similar – I even posted a picture of the two of them around the same age on Instagram and people agreed – in both looks and temperament. The only other thing I’ve noticed is that Olivia is doing a few things a little earlier than Jack did but there are also other things Jack had done by now that she still hasn’t done. It’s all swings and roundabouts really – things will happen when they happen.

I must admit though, I’m loving buying Olivia pretty little dresses, leggings and tights – and so are my friends! She now has plenty of baby blue dresses, pairs of dungrarees and numerous pairs of tights. Nearly all of my friends have had boys so I think they are loving buying for her! But then again I also loved buying Jack’s clothes when he was a baby too – little collared shirts, some dark denim dungarees, some cute brown booties.

There isn’t any real difference between having a boy and a girl, I would say – just a few anatomical differences and some aspects of the personality. My friend Amy is currently a mum of two girls and I know of others who have only boys – I’m sure that there’s just as much difference between Amy’s two girls or their two boys as there is my boy and girl. Why do we need to differentiate so much between two children? If they’re similar, they’re similar. If they’re different, they’re different – we’ll soon find out as their personalities start to grow and develop. But after all, babies are just babies – and Olivia is only four months old so I don’t expect her to be totally different from Jack just yet and I doubt she ever will be. In fact, I think she’ll copy him in everything he does as she seems to idolise him!

If you’ve got both boys and girls, do you find much of a difference or do you get annoyed with people saying that there’s so much difference between having a boy or girl baby too? Let me know your thoughts.

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