My Swagbucks Story | What I Do With My Rewards

I am an SB influencer. This post contains referral links.

I have been using Swagbucks now for over four years and whilst I’ve not always been consistent with it, it has proved to be a steady form of income when I do work at it. I mentioned in my Saving More, Spending Less post that I am so keen to be debt free by the end of this year and I can actually see that happening if I keep working as hard as I have.

I’m currently saving all my SB’s and then redeeming them for PayPal cash. Once that cash hits my PayPal, I withdraw to my bank account and then transfer straight across to my savings account where it won’t be touched. Whilst I am keen to get debt free, I also know the importance of having an emergency fund/buffer should anything happen or need fixing urgently.

I originally found Swagbucks through another blogger, although I’m not sure who. Now it seems like everyone I know uses the site but back then it was just a handful of us. It is such a great site to save and make money for whatever you may need it for – I have people on my friends list who have kitted out their entire house with their SB rewards and others who’ve saved up their PayPal cash and used it for a once in a lifetime trip.

For a few minutes a day, Swagbucks is great and even if I don’t get that many points in a day, just to see my balance building up is so rewarding. Just this year I have had £80 from them, all of which has gone into my savings and I am just about to cash out for another big amount.

I’d definitely recommend signing up (you can do so here) and seeing what you can earn! I’d even consider an SB challenge against some of you to see who can get the most SB in a month – who’s up for that? Em, I’m looking at you!

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