What’s On My Desk?

I’ve mentioned before that my desk is currently in our dining room as we don’t have enough room to have an actual home office. With moving almost certainly being on the cards now, both Steve and I have decided that space for a home office is a must in the new house if I am going to be working from home and he is going to be retraining and studying from home with the Open University.

Currently my desk is super cluttered. Next week I’ve penciled in a day to get it sorted but I’m not going to lie, it always ends up like this again – simply because of lack of storage. I’ve actually got a new (to me) desk stored in the garage for when we move as this one is on its last legs. The only problem is the new one won’t actually fit in the space we have in our dining room right now so it absolutely has to wait until we move – oops! I’ve also just dumped my computer chair as it finally broke after five years *sob* and am currently using one of our dining room chairs to sit at my desk, whoops.

I love my inspiration wall above my desk – see below what it looked like last year (it now no longer has the blog goals up but has more Slimming World certificates, woo) – as its nice and neat but my desk is a whole different matter. So what exactly is on my desk right now?

A printer, stationery, important blog stuff (info sheets, SD cards, that kind of thing) – all the essential things – and then a whole lot of clutter. I would show you a picture but I’m actually quite embarrassed. I’m definitely in need of some decent office furniture or storage if only to keep my desk a little more clutter free. I print free printables out from my favourite bloggers with every intention of using them (I actually did use two in the picture above – go me!) and then they end up in a pile never to be seen again. No more. I want to be more organised and refreshing my desk area is the only way to do so.

Whilst I can’t completely change it all up until we move, I need to make the most of the space I have and not pile it up with stuff. Maybe next week I’ll share a picture on Instagram to show you it finally clutter free just to prove I’ve actually done it – wish me luck!

What does your desk look like?

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