Degustabox | January (Review)

We were sent the January Degustabox for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

For quite a while now, we have been receiving the Degustabox food & drink subscription box in order to give our thoughts. I am happy to be continuing this into 2019 and am here today to give my thoughts about the January box. The box is £12.99 a month including delivery but you can get it at a discounted rate by inputting this code at the checkout: WDGX9.

Before it even arrived, I had an inkling that it would be a fairly healthy box, focusing on recovering from the excesses and indulgence of Christmas and New Year. I was right, receiving the January box, aptly named Recovery. I wasn’t too sure how useful all the products in the box would be to me and my family but couldn’t wait to see what was inside. So what were our thoughts?

Kallo Lightly Salted Organic Rice Cakes & Protein Packed Lentil Cakes – £1.30 each

Kallo are a brand I’ve seen around a lot before and have tried myself. I can give or take rice cakes but quite liked these lightly salted organic rice cakes. I’ve donated the lentil cakes to the food bank as I know we won’t eat them in my house so I’d rather they go to someone who will.

Miso Tasty Original Ramen Noodle Kit – £3.50

We’ve had Miso kits in the boxes before. I haven’t eaten this yet but it is in the cupboard for one of those days when I just fancy something like this.

Yes! Fruit & Nut bars – £1.20 each

These were a very interesting inclusion as they had such fun flavours. These are great for snacking and contain no added sugar and are one of your five a day. I opted to give these to Steve as they are much more his sort of thing.

Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar – £2.95

I remember having this in a previous box and still have some of it left so although we will use it, I can’t see this getting used for a while. A useful inclusion nonetheless.

Hartley’s 10 Cal Jelly Pots – 75p each

As someone who is trying to get back on track on the Slimming World plan, these were very much a welcome addition and I was very intrigued by the flavours too! Blackforest gateau and lemon cheesecake are two of my favourite desserts ever so these jelly pots sounded incredible. I can testify, delicious!

Pipers Crispeas Matar Paneer – £1

Something quite unique here – these are a tasty, low calorie and vegetarian snack. These offer tasty different flavours and these were quite nice.

Pick Up! Milk Chocolate – £1.69

These were always going to be popular in my house and these barely lasted five minutes. We love these and are always happy to see them in the box.

Ryvita Protein Red Quinoa & Sesame – £1.59

No one in our family really eats Ryvita so I can’t really see these getting used up. These are headed to the food bank.

PBfit Peanut Butter Powder x 2 – 75p each

Whilst Steve loves peanut butter flavoured things, neither of us will use this so we are passing it on to a friend.

Lio Bites Freezer Dried Strawberry Crisps – £1.50

We’ve had these in one of our boxes before and we really loved them, especially the kids. These only lasted a few minutes after the kids came across them. One pack of these counts as one of your five a day and these are melt in the mouth delicious.

Overall, I found this box so-so. I’ve come to expect a box with a healthy/fitness focus in January so knew I wouldn’t necessarily use or like all of the products. We have used or will use the majority of the products but there are a few that we will be passing on to others. Considering the box retails at £12.99 including delivery, the contents of this box total over £21 so you’re making a saving of at least £8 while trying some fab new products.

What do you think would be your favourite item in the box?

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  1. I am glad to have used almost all of the products in the January box, yet to use the smoothie powder but planning to take it with me abroad. The noodles were something different but overall good.

  2. I always think the Degustaboxes sound like a great idea, but I’m too fussy with food I think! I’d definitely try the Pick Ups and the rice cakes though! Yum!

  3. Oo this looks a good box! I used to get Degustabox a while ago, and can’t really remember why I cancelled it now. The lentil cakes sound really interesting and we love the Pick Up bars too.

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