Schleich Dinosaurs – Checking Out The New Dinos In The Range | Review

We were sent these dinosaurs for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Jack loves dinosaurs and always has. He has always loved Schleich and their range of products so when offered the chance to check out some of the new dinos in the Schleich Dinosaurs range, I knew he’d be one happy kid.

The Schleich dinosaurs are perfect for ages 5-12 which means they are perfect for Jack’s age range. Exciting new dinosaurs have taken over one of Schleich’s most popular collections. We’ve had the spiny backed Animantarx and the “winged” Dimorphodon. They also join the relaunch of some top selling classics such as Giganotosaurus. So what dinosaurs did we receive and what did Jack make of them?

The Giganotosaurus retails at £19.99.

About The Dinosaur

It looks very similar to the T-Rex. When dinosaurs were alive, the Giganotosaurus actually lived much earlier than the T-Rex and was in North America whereas the T-Rex was in South America. Both were dreaded hunters, had very short arms, a large skull and walked on two legs. Something interesting about this dinosaur is that it became 12-13m long but their brand was barely 30cm big.

About The Toy

This dinosaur is very impressive. It is very sturdy and good quality without being too heavy. The dinosaur has a moveable lower jaw and stands on its two feet well. The detail on the toy is great, you can tell a lot of work has gone in to creating this toy.

The Spinosaurus is £19.99.

About The Dinosaur

This dinosaur is said to be one of the most dangerous dinosaurs and is considered to be the biggest carnivore because it was bigger than even the Giganotosaurus and the T-Rex. However it doesn’t look similar to those dinosaurs, it has a spiny sail on its back and a crocodile-like snout and is very long. It is also said that the Spinosaurus was the first dinosaur able to swim.

About The Toy

This dinosaur also comes with a moveable lower jaw which makes it perfect for imaginative play. Jack has enjoyed pitting the dinosaurs against each other in battles. Like the other dinosaurs, it is rigid, sturdy and good quality with great attention to detail.

This is the Animantarx and it is £7.99.

About The Dinosaur

The Animantarx was approximately 3 metres long and had bone plate armour. There has only been one skeleton of this particular dinosaur ever found so not much is known about it. What they do know is that it lived during the Upper Cretaceous period and fed on plants.

The thick armour gives it it’s name – arx is the Latin word for fortress.

About The Toy

Unlike some of the other dinos in the range, this dinosaur doesn’t have a moveable lower jaw but this doesn’t distract from play at all. It is a good quality, highly detailed, sturdy toy.

This is the Dimetrodon which retails at £9.99.

About The Dinosaur

Funnily enough, it isn’t actually a dinosaur but is often referred to as one. It is actually a Pelycosaurus which is a primeval reptile. The sail on its back was made of skin and bones which was designed to help it warm quicker in the sun. Then if it wanted to cool down, it could position the sail parallel to the sun’s rays. The Dimetrodon was said to be an excellent hunter with very sharp teeth.

About The Toy

The Dimetrodon toy has a moveable lower jaw which makes for great imaginative play. As with the other dinosaurs, it is sturdy, good quality and detailed.

Finally, we have the Dimorphodon which retails at £7.99.

About The Dinosaur

This was a small flying dinosaur which had a long beak and a large skull. It was a hunter of fish, insects, lizards and other vertebrates. It held its prey with its claws then ripped apart with its fangs – it had four to five fangs each in the upper and lower jaw. Because it only had short wings, it could probably only fly short distances.

About The Toy

The design of this is very impressive. Good quality and detailed as the others. It truly amazes me the level of attention that has gone into designing and creating this range.

Jack has really enjoyed getting to know the new dinosaurs in the Schleich Dinosaurs range. We are very impressed by them; they are good quality and fun to play with. Jack has been playing with them non stop since receiving them and even Olivia has been enjoying playing with them. We will definitely be checking out the rest of the Dinosaurs range. You can pick some of the range up for yourself from Smyths here.

Degustabox | April

I was sent the box for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It is that time of month again for my Degustabox review. This month, the theme of the box was ‘Best of British’. The box retails at £12.99 but you can get your first box for just £7.99 with shipping included. Just use this code WDGX9 on the website here (the code gets you a one time discount of £5).

Now the ‘Best of British’ theme was a theme I was very interested in and I couldn’t wait to see what brands and products were included in the box. So what was in the box and what did we think of them?

Cheerios Multigrain – £2.69

The children absolutely adore cereal and Cheerios are one of their favourites. These were definitely a welcome inclusion in the box. They are made with 5 whole grains, 7 vitamins, iron and calcium.

Typhoo Black Tea – £2.20

A much loved British brand since 1903, who doesn’t love a cup of tea? A box of tea is always going to be something I enjoy in a box, I love a decent cuppa.

Robinsons Fruit Cordials – £2.49

We love Robinsons in our house and always have a bottle here. Jack really enjoys the elderflower flavour so he was very excited to see this cordial in the box. This tastes absolutely delicious just like the other squashes and cordials in the brand. It isn’t hard to see why Robinsons have been making delicious fruit drinks since 1823!

Heinz Organic Baked Beanz – £1

Heinz is one of our favourite brands -we’ve always got some of their beans, ketchup or soup in the cupboard. Beans are something we use a lot so these were popular. They were eaten the night the box arrived and were delicious, as to be expected. Packed full of the finest organically grown ingredients, they’re definitely worth a try.

Eat Water Slim Rice Sushi -£2.55

As the only person in the house to eat sushi, I’ve stashed this away in the cupboard for a day when I fancy it. This easy to roll sushi rice is made with natural ingredients such as Japanese sushi rice and konjac rice. There are just 9 calories per piece.

Crafted by Cracker Drinks Co Mango and Passionfruit 330ml – £2

We’ve tried some juice drinks in this range before and this was delicious, just like the others. These juices have no added sugar or sweeteners and it is packed in an environmentally friendly carton. We will definitely be buying more of these – and all of the CRAFTED drinks count towards one of your five a day.

Heinz Cream of Tomato Pot Soup – £1.19

I instantly claimed this as Heinz tomato soup is my absolute favourite. Now that they come in recyclable microwaveable pots, I can see I will be eating even more of them. Delicious as always.

London Flavours (Teriyaki flavour) – £1

I was very excited to see these crisps as I love the flavour of teriyaki. Steve and I ate these very quickly and enjoyed these immensely. We will definitely be buying these again.

Skinny Food Co Not Guilty White Chocolate Crispies/Milk Chocolate Crispies – £1.49

These high protein crispies are guilt free and gluten free. They have no added sugar and are delicious for less than 100 calories. They are a great snack and we all enjoyed them.

Bull’s-Eye NY Steakhouse Barbecue Sauce – £2.49

Steve was very excited to see this included in the box – he loves a decent tasting barbecue sauce and was very impressed by this one. It has a true authentic American BBQ taste – absolutely delicious.

Love Corn Smoked BBQ – £1.29

Love Corn are the UK’s first premium crunchy corn brand and these corn kernels are packed with flavour. They’re vegan and also sugar free and gluten free, a great snack.

Candy Kittens Wild Strawberry – £1.50 

We’ve tried Candy Kittens sweets before and these are so delicious. We all really enjoyed them. They are completely free from gelatine and gluten and taste so good!

Pachamama Andean Berry & Raspberry/Cacao and Cashew – £1.39

These are a great mix of cacao, dates, nuts, grains and seeds. These are 100% vegan and have no added sugar. We all really enjoyed these.

Overall, I was very impressed with this box. The products in the box retail at over £25 and you’re paying very slightly over half that — very good value for money. I loved the inclusion of some much loved brands and being able to try some delicious new products. Very happy with the April offering.

Celebrate Easter At Mead Open Farm From April 8th-22nd | Review

We were gifted with a complimentary family ticket to Mead Open Farm so that we could take part in the Easter activities.

Back in October, we visited Mead Open Farm for their Halloween events and we were very excited to be offered the chance to check out the Easter events they were holding this April between the 8th and the 22nd. Based in Billington near Leighton Buzzard, Mead Open Farm is known as the family farm and always has plenty to see and do. But we were there to check out the new Wizard of Oz Easter event and see some of the cute baby animals that you come to expect at this time of year.

Visiting The Animals

Both the kids absolutely love animals, especially baby animals, so it is little wonder our first stop was to check out all the animals that had recently been born. We also bought some animal feed as we entered the farm which the kids had lots of fun feeding to the animals – Olivia chuckles away when she is feeding them!

It was so amazing to see the newborn lambs and piglets. We actually arrived in the barn just after a lamb had been born and the mother was still expelling all the blood and everything from themselves. Not exactly the most pleasant sight to see, I’ll admit, but seeing a lamb in its first few minutes was pretty incredible! We also watched in awe as the little piglets played together – who knew they could run so fast? They were all playing together and burying themselves with each other in the hay.

Checking Out The New Wizard Oz Easter Event

The new Easter event is based around the Wizard of Oz. You do the walkthrough with a selection of other families and interact with recognisable characters such as Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Lion and even the Wizard of Oz himself!

The walkthrough proved very popular with the group we were with. The children were so excitable and really loved interacting with all of the characters. Olivia especially loved waving and even high fiving some of them – although she was confused by there being a face in a tree! The members of staff all did their job well and managed to keep a straight face despite the children’s jokes and chat.

The Other Easter Activities

There were a number of other activities being held throughout the day for the Easter timetable. As well as the walkthrough, there’s a fab show called The Blizzard of Oz, times on the Sky Trail, Rock Wall, Bunny Hop and Go-Karts. There was a fantastic tractor ride and even the chance to bottle feed older lambs.

There was also a lambing update, pony grooming and a Chicken Chat which we managed to attend. Steve proved to be a bit of a know it all when they asked roughly how many eggs a year a chicken will lay! He actually knew the answer – do you know the answer? The kids loved seeing the rooster and chicken, stroking them and feeding them! I loved interactive activities such as this, getting to know animals a little bit more.

Our Final Thoughts

We had a fantastic day exploring Mead Open Farm and checking out the Easter activities, seeing the beautiful animals. We always love our days out at Mead Open Farm and can’t wait to go again soon. We made sure to get some photos of Olivia with the Easter Bunny and also got a picture of the kids with the ‘I Had A Pigtacular Time At Mead Open Farm’ sign.

We finished off our day with ten minutes in the playground. The playgrounds are extensive with plenty of things for kids of all ages – Jack had fun in the bigger playground whilst Olivia had some fun in the smaller playground. It was a lovely end to our day at the farm.

Have you been doing any Easter activities over the Easter holidays?

Little Tikes My First Slide | Review

This product was sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Did you know that Little Tikes recently celebrated their 50th birthday? To me, the brand is the epitome of childhood. I remember Jack spending many a day in the garden in his Cozy Coupe when he was younger – a Cozy Coupe that Olivia now enjoys – and I also remember scooting around my grandparents garden myself in mine, many moons ago. Jack also has the Big Car Carrier which he’s had since he was about one and still plays with – as does Olivia – and they also have the Little Tikes BBQ which we received in compensation for the publication of a previous post. It is fair to say we are big fans of Little Tikes products.

I was recently asked if we’d like to review a product from their range and let me tell you, it took a while to decide. There are just so many interesting products to choose from. I was tempted by the fairy Cozy Coupe but eventually opted for the My First Slide.

Suitable from the age of 18 months to 6 years, it is the epitome of their ‘Big Play’ ethos. I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy it was to put together. It comes in the box in four pieces with the instruction booklet – the slide, the steps and the two separate handles. It took a few tries to slot the steps into the correct place on the slide but once they were in, we were good to go.

The house we live in has quite a tiny garden (although the slide fits well and they’ve been having fun in our own garden) but we are lucky to have a wide open grassy space outside our back gate which has proved great for the kids if they want more space to play.  The slide is pink and purple in colour which are Olivia’s two favourite colours so she was very excited and couldn’t wait to get on it for the first time – even trying to climb the steps before we were ready for her to do so!

The slide is very well made, very durable and holds weight well. Despite the age limit, Jack insisted on having a go – he’s 7 – and it held his weight and did not over balance. I would not advise children over the age of 6 use it though – there is an age limit for a reason plus he is also just a little too big for it!

Retailing at £34.99, this slide is a great first slide for toddlers. It is durable, low enough in height for them to climb up themselves and it also helps to promote your little ones fitness, balance and coordination.  As you can see, Olivia adores her slide and she will be having lots of fun over the summer playing on the slide in the garden.

What Little Tikes items are your favourites? Can you believe they are 50 years old?

Enjoying Spring With Pink Clove

I was sent this dress for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Spring is definitely in full swing. Although we have had a few April showers, we’ve had some lovely days too. I was recently approached to review an item from Pink Clove and I just had to opt for an old favourite – a dress.Their range of plus size dresses are simply amazing and it did take me a while to choose a dress, finally opting for the Plus Dita Wrap Front Maxi Dress in Paisley Print. This dress usually retails at £24 but is currently on sale for just £12 on the site – a fantastic price.

I very much lack self confidence so find it hard to take pictures of myself or let other people take pictures of me – a far cry from when I was a teen – but I do find that I always feel comfortable in a maxi dress when out and about.

I will admit that I haven’t always been comfortable with my size – I put on weight quite quickly with Olivia and have struggled to shift it and haven’t always been able to find things that fit me that I also like the design of. I’ve always found that maxi dresses suit any size and this dress is something I feel super comfortable in.

I don’t know about you but I like to wear as little layers as possible when it comes to spring and summer. I live in leggings the rest of the year but during the warmer months, I love a long flowy maxi dress – just one layer and light and airy enough to ensure you don’t overheat like other clothing.

I adore the fact that the straps are substantial. Some maxi dresses have the tiniest little straps which do nothing for the look of the dress. These straps are wide and perfect and move into the wrap front of the dress well. I love wrap fronts on dresses or shirts – they cover a multitude of sins and look good and make sure you don’t accidentally expose more than you mean to.

I also really love the pattern – the paisley print is gorgeous and I love the mix of green, white and orange colours on the blue background leading into the black wrap front at the top. The colours all work together and make for a really pretty pattern.

The dress is the perfect length for my body too – stopping just before my ankle. I’ve had many problems with maxi dresses in the past where they’ve been too long and I tripped quite a few times. The length on this dress is perfect for me.

I really love this dress from Pink Clove – I’ve already had comments about how lovely it is from my mother in law who also loves maxi dresses and a few others have said how much they like it too. I feel really comfortable in it, especially in the warmer weather we have been having.

What is your favourite type of dress to wear?