Alternative Heating Options: Different Approaches To Heating Your Home

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In today’s day and age we have so much new technology and constant innovation happening, but not everyone knows or realises it’s happening.

This innovation means that we basically have far more choices in our day-to-day lives. But if we don’t realise our options, how can we make a choice?

With us being in the midst of winter now, most of us will be experiencing the mental battle of being chilly but not wanting to have the heating on 24/7 for fear of our bills shooting through the roof.

Do not fret. There are ways around this, we don’t live in the stone age anymore! So let’s have a look at some of the options for alternative heating, some of which most of us probably didn’t know existed!

Heating oil…

Most homes in the UK will have a gas boiler installed or have access to installing one. However, if you live somewhere more rural or slap bang in the middle of nowhere, things get a bit trickier. This could actually work to your advantage though!

Oil central heating systems are a great example of alternative heating that will save you some pennies, both initially when installing and in the long run. Heating oil produces more heat per unit than natural gas can, so you can use less to heat more of your home!

Wondering how to go about installing and maintaining an oil-based heating system? Rix offer high quality but cheap heating oil and can take you through the whole process with ease and care. They offer a range of products and services to make installing and using oil to heat your home as easy and stress-free as it can be. Once the oil tank itself is installed, Rix can supply you with their quality heating oil whenever its needed and if you ever have any issues, they offer a range of servicing options.

Solar-powered heating…

This alternative heating method is on the rise, as more and more homes across the UK can be seen to have covered their roof with solar panels. It is a completely natural way to heat your home as it simply absorbs the sun’s rays and heats up a fluid which travels straight to your boiler.

If you have the money to invest in installing the solar panels initially, it is well worth doing – you will earn the money back relatively quickly with your energy bill savings! We are all becoming increasingly aware of the environmental problem that we have to face and installing solar panels is one way to do your bit whilst really increasing the value of your home.

The only perhaps downside of solar panels is that they wouldn’t be sufficient as your only home-heating method. We live in England where much to our dismay, sun is scarce, especially in the winter months when we need our heating the most! Please don’t let this put you off though, using solar-powered alternative heating alongside your average gas boiler would still save you a lot of money.

Heat pumps…

It seems unfortunate that the most eco-friendly alternative heating options are pricey to install. However, if you’ve watched all the recent documentaries highlighting the sad extent of environmental damage or even seen the controversy occurring online, you probably consider it worth the investment.

Heat pumps are another alternative heating method to consider, which produce absolutely no greenhouse gases. Hooray! In simple terms, heat pumps use a small amount of electricity to absorb cold air from one place and release it as hot air in the areas where it’s needed.

It’s all well and good investing in a system that will reduce your carbon footprint, but when you are a parent, you have to put your family’s best interests first. So what’s even better with heat pump systems is that they’re highly efficient too. What could be better than doing your bit to save the environment and being toasty warm at the same time?

As you can see, there’s actually plenty of alternative heating systems out there for you and your family to try. It’s all about weighing up your priorities and deciding what works best for you!

How to Choose the Right Mattress for Your Kids

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When designing your child’s bedroom, you want to be certain that the space will be fun and stylish, as well as organized so that your kid has everything that they want and need in there. Beyond that, though, you also want to ensure that the room will be comfortable, serving as a sanctuary where your child can rest and get a good night’s sleep. One of the best ways to do that is by choosing the best mattress for your child’s bed. How can you go about doing that? Check out the tips below on how to choose the right mattress for your son or daughter.

Do Your Research Online

One of the best ways to find the right mattress for your child is by doing some research online. Seek out mattress buying guides that can point you in the right direction in terms of high quality brands that you can trust, as well as mattresses that are designed to provide the greatest level of comfort and support. Online buying guides can be particularly helpful if you do not even know where to begin when searching for a mattress for kids. Once you have a general idea of the top mattresses on the market today, and you gain a clearer perspective on what products are getting the best customer reviews, you will be able to shop even more confidently, and narrow down your many choices to those that you know are at the top of the market.

Think About the Level of Support That Is Needed

There are several mattress support and firmness levels that you can choose from, and what you choose will depend upon your personal preferences. Some people will prefer the feeling of a firmer mattress under their body while they rest, but other people like softer mattresses. When it comes to shopping for a mattress for kids, it can be a bit of challenge to figure out what your child prefers, especially if he or she is very young. If your child is old enough to test out some mattresses in stores and let you know what feels most comfortable, simply go with that. While browsing your options, you might come across mattresses with firmness levels that include extra soft, soft, medium, firm, and extra firm.

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Know the Main Differences Between Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattresses

Another thing that you will notice when shopping for mattresses for everyone in your family is the fact that some mattresses feature memory foam, while others are made using innerspring coils. What’s the difference between these options? Well, memory foam options are good for those who want a mattress that will more easily contour to match the shape of their unique body. These mattresses may contain hypoallergenic materials, making them a good choice for kids, and they may also feature materials that help keep the body cool while you sleep, thereby helping you get better quality sleep. On the other hand, innerspring coil mattresses come in different forms, including open-coil and pocket coil. While open-coil products are capable of giving the body support, especially along the spine, pocket coils can help reduce motion transfer.

Check the Materials That the Mattress Is Made Of

When analyzing and comparing mattresses for kids, it is also a smart idea to check the list of materials that are used in the mattress, especially if your child suffers from allergies. Synthetic materials in mattresses may lead to health problems that include respiratory issues or irritation of the skin. Also, if you are concerned about purchasing products that contain eco-friendly materials, there are plenty of mattresses out there that contain more natural materials that do not release harmful chemical fumes like conventional mattress materials do. A few great examples of natural mattress materials include latex, bamboo, and cotton.

Use a Mattress Protector

Purchasing a mattress for your kids takes quite a bit of effort, especially if you take the time to research your options and shop around for a product that is made using natural materials. Once you have found the ideal mattress for your child, it is time to get it home and put it on the bed. But, not so fast. What if your child spills something on the bed? Your new, and expensive mattress could be ruined. That’s why smart parents also make it a point to invest in a high-quality mattress protector that fits their child’s mattress snugly. A waterproof mattress protector will help ensure that, if your child spills something on the bed by accident, the liquid won’t be able to penetrate into the mattress fibers.

So, there you have it: a few quick tips on how to choose the right mattress for your kids. The key is to select a product that provides the right amount of support so your child can get the best night’s sleep, which is so important for overall health and growth.

Three Life Hacks For Improving Your Home

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Everyone wants to improve their home in their own way, don’t they? We all love tips and tricks as to how to make our properties look better and potentially add value to them too, if considering larger home improvements.

Here are three life hacks for improving your home…

Get New Windows

Some people have to do improvements on a really tight budget so may not be able to afford to get all the things done that they’d like to, like a new kitchen or bathroom. If you are on a budget like this, consider getting your windows done – they will save you money on your heating bills & add instant value to your home. Leeds based double glazing installers, Northern Trade, are open to both public and trade customers, and offer windows as well as kitchens and extensions. Something else they also handily offer is finance for your home improvements so you may well be able to get that new bathroom or kitchen after all.

Sort Out That Garden

As I mentioned, new windows will certainly look good to those onlookers walking past so if first impressions count to you, then make sure the garden is spick and span too. This is relatively easy to do too – just a little bit of effort here and there to keep it looking in tip top shape. Dig up those weeds, plant some new flowers, maybe put out some nice garden furniture or ornaments and make it look beautiful.

It’s All In The Detail

Finally, and something to remember is, it’s all in the detail. You may be looking to improve your home by doing big things such as getting an extension or adding a conservatory but sometimes that just isn’t what your property needs. It is important to take time and assess what exactly needs doing in your home – it may just be that you need to change up the style and decor a little to give it a little refresh and have it looking fabulous once more.

Perhaps a lick of paint or some new wallpaper may do the trick. Perhaps even a feature wall. Sometimes it is just the little touches around the house that make all the difference – a vase of flowers in a particular place, a well placed fruit bowl, a nicely organised entrance table.

Make sure you know exactly what you need from your house and how you can achieve it before making such important decisions. You might want an extension but find simply getting new windows installed does the trick. Consider all avenues and I wish you the best of luck with your home improvements!

Why choosing a family run business is so important to our communities

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Living in a village like I do, I know the true importance of supporting independent businesses, especially family run businesses. It saddens me to say but big name brands often don’t have any intention of getting involved with the local communities as they know their business will most likely survive the economy anyway. They also often mass produce things or offer labour on a large scale and make it harder for smaller businesses to compete.

It is so important to show these local family run businesses our support, whether it is from buying from their shop or tearoom (we have a wonderful tearoom in our village, run by two sisters and it is absolutely incredible – I rave about it on Instagram stories a lot!) or choosing a local trade company to do some work for you, rather than opting for a larger business  – perhaps someone like Cheshire based timber joinery business, Reddish Joinery – they are a family run business that has been run by many different generations of the Parrott family for many years. They’re trusted window installers and have many years experience. Why would you want to choose an impersonal bigger business when you know you’ll get the job done with a personal touch from a business such as this?

We’ve seen so many campaigns about shopping our local high streets over the past few years but it seems some people still haven’t got the message. I admit, I am guilty of buying products or services from bigger businesses at some points – but I do try to always use the businesses in my local community first. Unfortunately, in my village, sometimes you simply can’t get the thing you need and you have to shop further afield.

Smaller businesses will treasure your custom much more than those businesses turning over millions of pounds in profit in a year – all the big bosses at those companies care about is getting people in and out the door, having spent a fair amount.  They will always put the customer first and will go the extra mile if required to help their customers. By going the extra mile, they will please their customers who will, in turn, tell people about their fantastic experience. They may get involved in community schemes such as clearing the park of litter, raising funds for those in need.

I have plenty of anecdotes I could give you about local businesses who have gone the extra mile to help others in our community but I’ll stop at just the one. We were about to lose our Post Office in the village until a local businessman who runs his own family run business stepped in and offered them the space in his shop – this was such a relief for the older members of our community who would have struggled to get out of the village to get their pensions and really did us all proud.

It goes to show that these businesses, whilst of course wanting our business, are prepared to help our communities thrive and we should, in turn, be helping them to do the same. They say it takes a village to raise a child and I think it takes a real community spirit to run that village, don’t you?

Do you choose family run businesses in your local community?

How Can You Pay For Home Improvements?

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Home improvements are something plenty of us get around to doing when we own our own homes, even if it takes a while to secure the funds to do so. I’m not going to lie, home improvements can be costly and it is little wonder that you see people saving their hard earned cash to achieve their goal of having their perfect home.

Having seen multiple friends and family renovate in recent years, I have been often left wondering how some have financed their home improvements. Some I know have saved up so that they can rip out their kitchen and get a new one fitted but others seem to have had the funds to do so almost immediately. It got me to thinking – what action did they take? Did they remortgage their property? Did they take out credit cards with a high limit? Did they choose a finance deal through a home improvement business? The latter seems like the best option, don’t you think?

If I was renovating and looking for manageable monthly payments, I’d definitely consider interest free finance from T&K Home Improvements. They are Northampton based home improvement business who offer many low rate finance options to help spread the cost of large projects when renovating your home. They have a variety of options to suit all budgets. But why would I choose a company such as this for help?

Simply put, renovating would not only make me happy and my family happy but would also add value to our property. Whether we chose to get new windows put in (T&K Home Improvements are perhaps the best glazing installers in Northampton), updated doors, a new conservatory or anything else, the time and workmanship would pay off as our house would look much better for it and the value of our property would rise as we’d taken all the steps to make it more modern and more efficient. It is worth spending the money out to get the job done properly as it will be beneficial in the long run in many ways – financially and you won’t have to worry about needing to get the work redone for quite some time, hopefully ever!

I love that there are different finance options you can choose from to suit your budget too – three years interest free credit, low rate option with a £99 deposit, low rate option and buy now, pay later with a £99 deposit. You can get the financial help you need to make your home look amazing, pay it back and see the work pay dividends to you in the future when you come to sell.

I can definitely see us doing some home improvements when we come to own a property so I’ll bear the fact that there are companies specifically out there to help with financing such things – it could prove very handy! Finance offers the chance to have that extra space or those energy saving windows when you need them rather than saving up for it over a longer period of time and having to settle. Why wouldn’t you give it a try?