How To Make Cleaning A Family Affair

How To Make Cleaning A Family Affair

If you’re a busy parent, you’ll understand the daily struggle of keeping your home clean. Staying on top of the mess can be a challenge, especially if you have little ones running around. However, instead of letting your kids create chaos, why not encourage them to help tidy up? To find out how you can make cleaning your home more of a family affair, keep reading.

  1. Give everyone a job to do

To get your kids on board with the idea of helping out around the house, it might be worth giving each of them their own job to do. The chances are they’ll love the responsibility of being totally in charge of a certain task, even if it’s something as simple as making sure the kitchen worktops are clean or brushing up crumbs from the floor.

So that you and your kids can get stuck into the cleaning, it’s important that you’re equipped with the right products and tools. The good news is, it’s now easier than ever to get your hands on these items. For instance, you can purchase everyday household essentials from HiHouse and have them delivered straight to your address.

It’s also important that you supervise your kids when they’re using cleaning products, and make sure that you always read the label to find out how to handle the products correctly and safely.

You can also assign them some fun chores such as cleaning up after the pets. If you have a dog in the house, there should be a weekly cleanup when you wash the pup’s beddings, and other belongings and the kids can assist you with the task. With small pets such as cockatiels or budgies, you will have to wash and rinse the cockatiel’s large stainless steel cage, the perches, and food & water dishes or the aviary if you have one (which is a better option in the longer run.) You can always use some help with these tasks so get the kids onboard. Since they love the pets, even if they won’t enjoy the chores they would come up to help for the well-being of their beloved companions.

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  1. Make it fun

Let’s be honest – cleaning is not going to be your kids’ idea of fun. So, if you’re keen for your brood to put in a helping hand with the household chores, try to think of how you can make it more enjoyable for everyone involved.

For example, you could create a playlist of your little one’s favourite tunes, crank up the volume and turn your cleaning session into a dance party. Alternatively, you could make it into a competition and see who can get their jobs done within a certain time frame. The challenge is bound to motivate them, keeping them entertained and leaving you with a clean, tidy house.

  1. Offer an incentive

While you should by no means bribe your children into helping you around the house, offering a small incentive isn’t going to hurt anyone, right? If your little ones know that there is going to be something in it for them, they’ll no doubt want to get involved, so you might want to consider setting a reward for their contribution.

There are a whole range of treats you could offer. For instance, for younger helpers, you could entice them with a new toy or sticker set, while teenagers might appreciate some pocket money. If you expect your kids to help on a regular basis, you could create a chore chart to keep track of which tasks they’ve done around the house and when they’ve earned themselves a treat.

How do you get your family involved with the household cleaning? Share your tips in the comments below!

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Choosing A Rug To Match Your Floor Type

Interior Design For The Home 

Any home, despite the size or the shape, can be pleasing with the proper application of basic interior design methods. There are people who go to college to perfect their interior design skills while others are simply gifted with an eye for beauty and for interior design. Either way, talent is key if a designer wishes to achieve the best design.

Those with an eye for what is aesthetic can easily decorate and design their own houses depending on their own taste. This means that you don’t need a degree to master the art of interior design for the home. Of course it goes without saying that one will need to read books and articles about design in order to update on the basic and latest skills.

One easy way to go about interior design for the home is to consider the right home accessory. The rug has proven to add what some would call magic, to any living space. But choosing a rug that will have an impact to the entire interior design is not an easy task. This infographic from Land Of Rugs will tell you all you need to know about choosing the right rug for your home.What type of rug is best for your house?

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What to tell cold callers

In Britain, we’re subjected to 4,200 cold calls and text every minute. That’s 2.2 billion cold calls in the last year alone, says research reported by The Times. And the vast majority of these calls are simply a scam.

It’s no wonder then that 57% of people in the UK say that cold calls and nuisance messages are the worst part of owning a phone. So, to help you get rid of cold callers, we’re working with True Solicitors LLP so you can know what to tell cold callers to get them to leave you alone.

Common cold calls

Firstly, let’s explore the most common types of cold call.

With 6 million calls and messages from PPI (payment protection insurance), pension, and insurance cold calls every day, these make up the most common types of cold call according to studies.

Calls and texts from companies claiming to be experts in holiday sickness claims or injury claims totalled 895 million calls and texts. Don’t accept these calls; if you need one, seek a proper accident at work solicitor! Those over the age of 65 found themselves experiencing the majority of the calls — posing the question: are companies like this preying on older people who are likely to be more vulnerable? Here are a few tricks you can use to combat cold-calling…

Waste their time instead!

With strict time averages to hit, salespeople hate it when a customer wastes their time. They call to get you instantly on board with some product or service that they’re selling, but telling them you’re not interested at the start of the call won’t achieve anything. They will first mention the product that they are selling and you must act interested at the start, they’ll start their sales patter and after they’ve put the effort into doing that — just admit that you’re not really interested and admit that you were just wasting their time. Remember that they have targets — they’ll not want to ring your number again!

Calls may be recorded from both sides

Here’s a useful script to keep handy next time you get a cold call. Say something along the lines of: “Hello, just to let you know that I will be recording this phone call as you’re not complying with the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations of 2003. This legislation has been put in place to help restrict marketing methods through cold-calling, unsolicited texts, emails, and faxes”. The good thing about this trick is that they’ve probably ended the call after the first sentence. Don’t be afraid to try this one!


The goal of every cold call is to get your money. Tell them that you’re an undischarged bankrupt and they will put the phone done quicker than you could imagine. By saying this, you’re telling them that you are unable to obtain credit beyond a certain limit without informing the creditor of your status. Of course, this does not exist in your case — but they don’t know that.

Inform them that you’re a criminal

This is a good one for different reasons. If the scammer is telling you you’ve won a free holiday, tell them you’ve got a travel injunction and your passport has been revoked. Or, tell them you’re awaiting your trial and plan to plead guilty.

Speak a different language entirely

Chances are, the cold caller is expecting to hear English. Don’t conform to what they want! If you can speak another language, try doing that, and as they won’t be able to understand what you’re saying, they will hang up. If you don’t know another language, make it up and this will leave them even more confused than what they originally were.

Enjoy a home free of cold calls! It’s also a good decision to block their phone number, however as they change frequently — this not be a viable option. Some phones have the ability to put callers through an answer machine first, where they have to notify the person they are ringing who they are and then press several buttons. Cold-callers will not want to go through this much effort.

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Why you should switch to LED lighting

Why you should switch to LED lighting

As busy households, we’re all trying to save a little money here and there. It can also feel a little difficult to both save money but look good whilst doing it! Have you heard about LED lighting? LED lighting is quickly becoming the lighting of choice for new build properties and for families trying to save a little for a rainy day.

Here you’ll find 4 reasons why you should be switching to LED lighting.

It WILL save you money

The long and short of it is, that LED’s require less energy to function – around 80% less than their incandescent bulb counterparts, which means that they cost YOU less money. Most LED bulbs pay for themselves from about five months onwards. And with free delivery on all orders from LED Hut, you can save even more without even trying!

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They last much longer

If your kitchen is full of halogen lightbulbs, then you’ll know the frustration at having one or two of them blow out every couple of weeks. Once you change two or three – then the rest will soon follow. With many households avoiding this irritating this task until they’re cooking by one halogen bulb! The good news? LED lights last around 20 times longer than traditional bulbs – meaning that your step ladder can stay in the garage for a little longer!

The colours

The lighting that traditional bulbs emit is something we’ve all grown up with and have gotten used to over the years. But did you know that with LED lights, you can fill your home with any colour from the colour temperature chart?  So, not only can you recreate the warmth and comforting glow of your traditional bulbs, but you can also change things up a little with a sunrise/sunset glow, a bolder candle flame tone or play with cool blue tones like a clear blue sky.

They’re better for the environment

We’re all becoming more and more conscious of the choices we’re making in regards to our effect on the environment. Whether it’s swapping our plastic straws for metal ones, investing in reusable coffee cups, water bottles and reusable cutlery – everyone is trying to their bit to help the environment and the planet. So, how can LED bulbs help?

Well, as mentioned above, LED bulbs use less energy, meaning less power is used in the first instance. If the use and effect of LED bulbs on the environment was more common knowledge, then the difference it would make to the environment would certainly be a positive one. Also, as mentioned above, LEDs don’t need to be changed as often, which means that there is less waste for the planet to contend with.

But, when LEDs do, inevitably head to landfill, there is a difference. LED bulbs themselves can be recycled, and there are no nasty chemicals, or toxins inside an LED bulb, which means that anything left behind will not harm the environment, unlike old style bulbs which contain mercury.

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Impress your hubby with the Jigtech range from Ironmongery Experts

Impress your hubby with the Jigtech range from Ironmongery Experts

The Jigtech range is now available at Ironmongery Experts, providing you with the very best in smart and creative door hardware. With a catalogue of brand new products on offer, there has never been a better time to delve into some DIY in order to improve your home and really impress your husband.

Jigtech has been the leading innovator within their industry for over 25-years. Using their cutting edge technology, they have revolutionised the way people are able to install and operate both door handles and latches.

Here is our run down on some of the items available with Jigtech at Ironmongery Experts.

Jigtech Polished Chrome Solar Lever on Rose

This door handle radiates simplicity and style with its polished chrome finish. The contemporary design along with its curved handle makes it suitable for any household. This particular model is appropriate for doors with a thickness of 35mm – 44mm and has the option of being converted to a privacy function with the addition of tubular latches.

Jigtech Polished Chrome Round Bathroom Snib Turn & Release

This product provides a simple method of locking bathroom facilities. A fast fitting is assured since the item will have been factory assembled prior to purchase. As with all Jigtech products, this bathroom snib can be installed within just five-minutes and will improve both efficiency and accuracy for door handle and latch installation.

Jigtech Polished Chrome Square Bathroom Snib Turn & Release

As with the previous product, this bathroom snib will ensure you can lock bathrooms. This design has instead been manufactured with a square shaped body. Longevity is the key when it comes to these particular models as they form an integral part for any bathroom door.

Jigtech Pro Installation Kit

If you want to fit the perfect door handle every time in a proficient and timely manner, then this installation kit has everything you need. The kit includes all the required tools and materials such as spade bits, keep locators and latch tappers. You will be able to complete jobs with ease using these time-saving products which have been designed by industrial innovators within the UK. This kit will guarantee that every consideration can be made for the upmost level of accuracy.  

Jigtech Satin Nickel 57mm Privacy Magnetic Latch

This privacy magnetic latch allows you to achieve privacy with the push of a button. The design uses a soft strike mechanism for noise reduction and uses rubber buffers to reduce any sound when the door strikes the frame.

Joe Fisher, handyman at the Handy Squad, is full of praise for the Jigtech range, he said: “we highly recommend using Jigtech equipment from Ironmongery Experts to quickly and easily install door handles and latches.”

Ironmongery Experts supply much more than just the Jigtech range. Since 1992, this family run business has been supplying the ironmongery industry with their trademark personal touch. They have all the handles and latches suitable for Jigtech products as well as a multitude of other industry proven designs such as; door stops, cylinders, signs, window furniture and sundry items.

This article was written by DIY enthusiast David Newman. David is the Managing Director of Magento Web Design Agency Ad Lab.