5 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

5 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Wanting to boost your blog traffic? I’m always striving to boost mine, even after seven years, especially when I’ve had dips such as when I have had my children and taken some time off. But why would you want to increase your blog traffic? Some do it just because they like to improve on themselves, some like the stats, some are keen to get paid work from their sites. If you are looking to get paid blogging jobs, then you will always be striving to increase your traffic and stats for better chances of work. Many brands use blogger outreach services to find the best fit for their campaigns. So what ways have you been using to boost traffic to your blog recently?

Here are five ways I’ve increased my blog traffic over the years.

Guest Blog

Now I must admit I don’t manage to do this as often as I used to and I really want to get back to it. Not only do you provide another blogger with some great content when they need it – going on holiday, poorly, maternity leave, the reasons a blogger may need guest content is endless – but it also boosts traffic to your blog and helps your domain authority as people click through to see a little more from you. I’ve guest posted on various sites – some smaller UK bloggers, some big UK bloggers and some massive US bloggers and the traffic they bring is always great.

Social media is your friend

Have social media accounts? Utilise them! Try to remember that they are called ‘social’ media though and don’t just use them promote your content. Build your communities on them so people are interested in what you have to say on there and are more likely to click a link to your blog post – if you simply spam your feeds with links, you’re less likely to get people clicking through as it seems too automated, almost robotic. Also please make sure you have social share buttons on your blog, that they work and that they include your handles so you can see when people have shared your content. Make social media work for you!

Round ups/crowdsourcing can really help

These seem to be more popular now than they ever were when I first started out but a great way to get traffic to your blog is to respond to round ups and crowdsourcing requests. I am a VA for a food blogger and other food bloggers are always looking for content for their round ups – whether it be for seasonal recipes or recipes featuring a particular ingredient. If you see these requests, leave your link – there is a great chance you will be featured and this will drive traffic back to your site. Same goes for crowdsourcing requests – if another blogger is looking for responses on a topic you have content on or are quite interested in, leave a link or a quote and who knows? They may include you – yet again more traffic to your site should people click through.

Have evergreen content

Evergreen content is content that can be utilised all year round. I have a few blogging articles, some recipes, a potty training post – these consistently get traffic all year round, year in and year out. Evergreen content will always be a traffic provider so make sure you have some on your site. Whilst many blogging niches lend themselves to the here and now – beauty bloggers reviewing products etc – there are ways you can create evergreen content from this such as a guide to skincare or an explanation of what certain beauty terms mean. There is always a way to create some evergreen content, whatever your niche.

Create a product or a service

I haven’t created a product but I do provide some services – freelance writing, virtual assisting and proofreading. Whilst I have my own work website for these, I often refer back to this site on that site and in communication with possible clients. With people purchasing your product or service, they may be keen to find out a little more about the person behind it all – so direct them to your site!

These are just a handful of ways to drive traffic to your blog and I am always trying other avenues too. What avenues have you had success with?



The Beauty Of Blogging For A Business

You consider yourself to be a creative, innovative and motivated entrepreneur; these are just a few of the many reasons that you chose to set up your own business in the first place. What you haven’t yet realized are the powers that are available to you when you do become a business owner. Creating a business blog is not only an amazing way to invest in your business but it is always a way of investing in yourself. Blogging is a platform which gives you a voice to stand out from the others in your competing market. A blog can inform your target market on current topics and it is always an excellent creative outlet for you to utilize your writing skills. Setting up a blog doesn’t need to be a painstaking and time consuming task, you just need to go about things in the correct way and know how to use your blog in the optimum way.

Design and Development

Starting up a blog and coming up with an innovative design is one of the most exciting parts about becoming a business blogger. This is a chance to truly embrace your personality, creative flair and business brand so look into how WordPress development can help you achieve all of these things. Try and choose a color scheme which is going to reflect your brand message and ethos. For example, if you are a company which produces all natural, vegan beauty products then the color green would totally encompass your overall message. Make it easy for your potential clients to navigate smoothly through your blog. Insert a categories tab which groups together different blog posts which belong to a certain topic. A search bar is also a handy addition to every type of blog, so that your reader can find exactly what they want to read about.

Finding Your Niche

If you are unsure what type of things you are going to write about in your blog, then dive deeply into your original business plan. What makes your business different to all the others? What are you trying to sell to your customers? The answer will soon become obvious and you will have a niche topic that you can begin blogging about. It is so important to narrow your topic down into a niche category because it immediately wipes out most of your competitors. Your blog should aim to be the number one go-to for information on your chosen category so try and put a unique twist on it if you can.

Creating Content

Building and creating regular content for a blog can be extremely time consuming, but once you get the hang of it, it will soon become second nature to you. Are you running out of steam? Struggling to think of new topics? You could offer out a position as a guest writing on your blog; giving a platform to a creative writer who is interested in your industry. This will not only free up a chunk of time for you every so often, but it will also freshen up the angles on some of your posts, so that your readers stay intrigued.

Spark A Discussion

One of the best ways to engage with your target audience in a blog post is by sparking up some sort of discussion or debate. Be careful about bringing up more controversial topics as you don’t want to get any negative press from this. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to make your point of view and stances clear. Ask questions to your readers and leave the comment boxes open for discussions. Many readers love to scroll down the comments section on a blog post so that they can explore the contrasting options on a certain subject matter. Include social media share buttons on all of your blog posts too, so that Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other popular platforms can see and comment on your content. You never know when one of your posts could go viral so keep trying to make that strong impact.

You started up a business because of your drive, passion and knowledge of your industry, so let the world know about it. Start up your business blog today and you will soon notice an increase in your sales and online presence. There is a reason why most business choose to start up their own blog and that is because it absolutely works. By sparking interesting discussions, posting innovative content and engaging with your potential clients and customers you could be setting yourself up for a hugely successful venture.




Who would have thought that seven years ago, when I first started this blog, that it would still be going all these years later. It is older than both my children, it has brought with it so many amazing opportunities and so many challenges along the way.

We’ve gone from Blogger to our own domain on Blogger to self hosted WordPress. We’ve gone from a primarily beauty blog to a parenting blog to the happy medium I am now – which is a little bit of everything but if I had to give it a niche, I’d say parenting and lifestyle.

This blog has enabled me to forge a career doing something I love. I always wanted to be a freelance writer and was even heading to uni to get my degree and then hopefully break into the writing business. It might have taken me a bit longer but I am finally doing a job I love – no matter how stressful it can be -and that wouldn’t be possible at all with this blog. I freelance around the blog and I have had so many opportunities because of it.

The best thing that has come from my blog? The friends I’ve made. The majority of the friends in my life now are through blogging. I even managed to reconnect with two old friends via blogging – how amazing is that?

These past seven years have been incredible and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

To thank my readers for being there for so long, I’ve got a giveaway for you all today for a Ferrero Golden Gallery. It’s UK only and ends at 23.59pm on the 31st of January 2018. Good luck!


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Why You Should Be Investing In Yourself…And Other Bloggers

Why You Should Be Investing In Yourself…And Other Bloggers

It is so important to invest in ourselves to help ourselves achieve more. There are certain ways of investing in yourself that can help you achieve these aims. These include setting goals, trusting your instinct and investing in your talents. I always set goals and I always trust my instincts – if something feels off, I will look for more information before proceeding.

I mainly want to talk about investing your talents, however. As a blogger, I am always keen to learn more and add another string to my bow. Since becoming a blogger almost seven years ago, I have become a freelance writer, I’ve started working as a proofreader, become a virtual assistant and now work in managing some people’s social media. I am now earning more from my blog and freelance work than I ever was in my old job and it’s all come from investing in myself…and other bloggers.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to harness your talents – there is some fabulous information out there for free – but if you truly want to build on your talents, then it is doesn’t harm you to invest financially in some things as well. When it comes to blogging, other bloggers are totally where it’s at for this information – you can find a list of my favourite free and paid resources from other bloggers at the bottom of this post.

I’ve taken courses, printed out printables, downloaded eBooks and bought paperbacks. I’ve joined Facebook groups and connected with others. All through blogging and other bloggers. I’ve recently been in contact with a blogger regarding her new book – I’ve answered some questions and she’s mentioned that those who help her will be credited within the book. Helping others can help you sometimes, why wouldn’t you want to invest in both of you in this way?

investing in yourself

So just why should you invest?

It builds connections

You get to meet new people, new brands, new groups. You may take a course and then be added to the private Facebook group and meet some incredible like minded people who you can bounce ideas off.

It can help you build on your talents

E-courses especially are good for this. If you want help with building your social media, then an e-course may help you with those things you didn’t know. If you wanted to learn something new, these resources can truly help you achieve your goals. All by a little belief and some investing in yourself.

It can be good for your PR

Making connections with others and building up on your talents can certainly help you in getting yourself out there. Through these things you can find yourself doing interviews for other blogs, being quoted in newspapers and magazines or being listed as a resource in a book. These things can do wonders for you. Why wouldn’t you want to invest in yourself in this way?

I’m planning on investing in myself more in 2018 – and investing in other bloggers at the same time – are you planning on investing in yourself? If I want to learn more information or want something but don’t have the time for it myself, I’d rather use and promote a blogger’s content so we both can benefit.

investing in yourself

Here are a few of my favourite resources so far:

Sarah’s Monthly To Do List printable – perfect for writing down those blog admin tasks.

Emma Drew’s Turn Your Dreams Into Money e-course {affiliate link} – plus use the code FUTURES to get £50 off, making it £147. Read my review here. Covers all the bases.

Lynn & Emma’s Blogging Your Way To Riches book {affiliate link} – A handy resource, packed full of Emma and Lynn’s knowledge.

Sarah’s Address Book printable – Perfect for noting down the billing details of people you are working with.

Cass’s Free Motivational Quote printable – Perfect for motivating you when you aren’t feeling it.

Amber’s My Blogging Secrets: A Guide To Becoming A Pro-Blogger eBook {affiliate link} – full of information and anecdotes, this is a must read.

Elizabeth’s Blogger Finance Spreadsheet – Perfect if you are making money from your site.

Sarah’s Blogging Checklist printable – If you are like me, there will always be things you forget to check!

Jenny’s Editorial Calendar With Awareness Days – get the first month for free and then it is just £3 for the rest of the year!

Sarah’s Blog Stats & Goals printable – A great way of keeping track of what you achieve month by month.

I hope these prove handy for you. Are you planning on investing in yourself (and other bloggers) more in 2018?

Turn Your Dreams Into Money In 2018 (Plus £50 Discount Code)

Turn Your Dreams Into Money In 2018 (Plus £50 Discount Code)

Read on to find out how you can get a £50 discount off this e-course for yourself.

I’ve been blogging for almost seven years now (January 19th 2018 is my blog’s 7th birthday to be exact) but I am still learning new things about it everyday. When other bloggers share their knowledge, it can only be a good thing so when Emma Drew released her Turn Your Dreams Into Money e-course a few months back, I knew she would probably have a lot to teach even seasoned bloggers like me.

I’ve taken a variety of e-courses over the years but none really related to blogging so I was intrigued to see what this could offer me. I’d heard people say that it had something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or have already been blogging for a few years. There are so many blogging courses out there who only speak to beginners or talk all technical, expecting you to know exactly what they are talking about as the creator assumes you’ve been blogging for a while. It is very rare to find a course that spans both sides.

The course covers an immense amount of topics – some you may not have even thought about or considered. There is of course sections for those who are brand new to blogging so if you’ve been blogging for a while, you can skip these or if you’re like me, refresh yourself a little by reading over them.

Other topics covered include social media and how to use it and gain traffic from it, search engines, ways of making money from your blog and where to find these opportunities, how to utilise your old posts, affiliate marketing and so much more. Emma really does cover all bases.

You can jump right into the content and continue when done – or skip if you feel you already know a lot about that particular topic. Each topic is divided into easy to read chunks which makes it much easier to consume the content.

turn your dreams into moneySo did it help me?

Yes I learned so much from this course – Emma covered stuff I’d dipped my toe into but never continued with because it seemed so confusing. She explained things so well that it made super simple and I started kicking myself for not utilising things sooner!

There are some incredible bonuses as part of the course too – a free blog critique from Emma herself, media kit and rate card templates and a PDF of Blogging Your Way To Riches. There truly is some incredible content in this course and Emma has thought about bloggers at all stages of their blogging career.  There is even a Mastermind group on Facebook for those who are taking or who have taken the course which is also a fantastic resource.

Whether you’re just starting out and want to ‘turn your dreams into money’ or you are more established and want to further your dreams, then this course is the one for you. I am certainly going to be implementing the things I have learned well into the New Year.

You can purchase the Turn Your Dreams Into Money course here {affiliate link} and to get £50 off, just use the code FUTURES at the checkout, bringing the course down to £147.

I was gifted access to the e-course for the purpose of review. All thoughts & opinions are my own.