A Little Life Update

It has been a little while since I shared a little life update – so what have we been up to?

Jack is in his final term of Year 2 and is both looking forward to junior school and also quite dubious too. He has actually got a school disco this Friday which is at the upper school and he is very excited to be able to socialise with the older children!

He is also starting recorder lessons tomorrow – I’m still not sure if I’ve made the right choice here as we all know how annoying recorders can be! He started Beavers last Monday and is really enjoying it already. I’ve just noticed a tri-golf club after school on Tuesdays too which I am considering signing him up to as well!

Olivia is still enjoying her playgroup and has started attending a couple of other things too, one being Sounds Right Phonics. She has really been enjoying the sessions and I can see that she is already learning from them which is great.

Work has been very busy which is great. I’ve been working with some fantastic clients which is always great. We’ve also managed a few trips away in recent months which have been lots of fun and just what we needed to recharge our batteries.

We are still looking for a larger property to move into but finding something in our budget at the moment is quite impossible. Hopefully we will be able to find something soon.

So that’s what is going on with me – what is going on in the life of you?

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  1. Aww it’s so nice reading these little updates! I feel like we’re long overdue a proper catch-up! We should definitely meet up soon. Jack is looking so grown up and Olivia is growing so quickly! x

  2. Lovely to have an update on life with you and the tribe. I imagine the transition to junior school is going to be an exciting one. Playing the recorder will be wonderful, an easy intrument to get to grips with and he’ll soon be playing sweet melodies for you all.

  3. I remember learning the recorder when I was younger, my parents got used to it in the end haha. Good luck on the house search, are you looking in the same area? x

  4. I am having the same house hunting issues too – it is so disheartening isn’t it?
    Hope little man gets on well at Beavers – Sebby loves it

  5. Awww your children are coming on in leaps and bounds. I remember my girls starting beavers and loving it. I am not so sure about the recorder though; I remember learning it as a child and hating the squealy noise. Good luck!!!

  6. This is lovely to read. I hope your little ones transitions well into bigger school! My little girl is going into year 1 this year and my boy is starting reception! Good luck with house hunting, I hope you find the perfect place!

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