Getting to Grips With Your Macbook

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The majority of us will have got used to using Windows computers and laptops. But Macs are extremely popular and if you have one, you’re bound to want to get to grips with using it as quickly as possible. Macbooks do run on iOS, which is significantly different to Windows, so it may take a little while for Mac features, abilities and commands to come naturally to you. But picking up little tips and tricks can help you to feel more comfortable and confident using your Mac, as well as saving you time. Here are just a few pieces of information and advice that should help you along the way!

Altering Mouse Sensitivity

The sensitivity of your Mac’s keypad is likely to be in standard factory settings when you first start using your new laptop. You may find that you want it to be more sensitive or less sensitive – meaning the cursor will move at smaller touches of the mouse pad or harder touches of the mousepad. Find out how to change your trackpad sensitivity here!

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Learning Keyboard Shortcuts

You needn’t right click or press different icons in different programmes to carry out basic actions. This can prove time consuming and is definitely unnecessary. Instead, pick up some basic keyboard shortcuts. Command and “b” pressed simultaneously will see text become bold. Command and “u” will underline. Command and “i” will make text italic. These are just a few to get you started! There are plenty more out there and the ones that prove most convenient will depend entirely on your personal needs and preferences.

Changing the Background

We all want to personalise our backgrounds. We can spend so long doing impersonal tasks and chores on our laptops that it’s refreshing to see a loved one’s face or a favourite photograph pop up between changing windows and tabs. So, change the background of your Macbook to something a little more interesting than a vague scenic shot. You can learn how to change background on Mac here.

Pinning Programmes to the Dock

There’s a dock at the bottom of your screen. Chances are, specific programmes are already pinned to it. These might be settings, safari, mail, and Facetime to name but a few. But remember you can pin whatever programmes you like here for easy access. If you use a programme a lot, right click its icon when it’s open and click “add to dock” or “pin to dock”. You’ll now be able to open it without searching for it!

These are just a few tips and tricks that will help you to get to grips with your Macbook. Of course, practice makes perfect and simply spending time using your Mac will see you pick up all sorts of techniques that will save you time and help you to use your laptop to its full potential. But these steps mentioned above should get you started off in the right direction!

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