Fast and Easy Ways to Spring-Clean your Garden

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If you want to spring-clean your garden, then you will find that this is very easy to do. It doesn’t take a lot of effort and you would be surprised at how much of a difference this could make to your home.

Add some Plant Feed

Gardeners love to nurture their gardens and early spring is the best time of year to give everything in the garden a boost. Try and apply a good amount of new soil and the next time it rains, scatter some pellet fertiliser too. This will break down and it will eventually filter into the soil. When this happens, it is then absorbed by the growing roots and it will also fuel flowering and even plant growth in general.

Take care of your Lawn

Lawn nutrients can be added to any grass areas that you have. Try and use a sturdy rake to remove any build-up of thatch or anything that is left underfoot. If you find that the lawn is looking sparse then now is the time to re-seed it or even add more turf. Before you decide to replant anything, it is a good idea for you to dig down in any organic matter with a wetting agent. Everyone needs to stay away from these areas until they are established and until the new grass grows vigorously.

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Plant a Good Range of Vegetables

Early spring is the best time for you to plant some vegetables and it doesn’t matter whether you are starting a new garden or whether you are maintaining an old one. If you want to get started, then it helps to plant as many herbs and vegetables as you can. This includes summer salad vegetables too, as this will add a lot of colour to your space and it will also make it much easier to manage. Peas, lettuce, basil and rocket are all great options. If you want to make the most out of your garden, then you might even want to look into large greenhouses. This way you can plant a huge range of crops without having to worry about them shadowing each other.


Most flowers can be planted with ease and they can give your garden a super quick lift. They add instant colour too. If you want to get some ideas then focus on pansies, flowering bulbs and even petunias too. Other flowers that you need to consider include phlox and seedlings. You can plant these out in garden beds and they will add a huge amount of colour.

Clean and Mend


Warmer weather ultimately means that you will be spending more time outside eating and relaxing. For this reason, you need to make the effort to check any furniture and seating areas too. Wooden furniture may need reoiling or even repainting. Nuts and bolts may also need to be tightened too. Over time they can become loose and you may even find that your furniture is weaker as a result, so it is worth looking into this.

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