8 Personality Types Matched With Formal Wear

It’s something everyone of us do every day. We get up, get clean, and get dressed. The clothes we dress in tell our personal story – they tell the world what we feel and what we think. They reflect our actions, our moods, and our personality as a whole.

The same goes for your formal wear – what you choose says so much about your personality. Below, we look at a few suggestions for matching formal outfits to your unique personality.


  • Energy, Intelligence, Joy and Happiness


If this sounds like you and your personality, a yellow chiffon evening gown with a thigh-high slit will suit your perfectly. This kind of design is ideal for those smart, sassy girls with a fun-to-be-with vibe.


  • The Fiery Goddess


If you are confident and courageous, you love people and you always look on the bright side of life, a red V-neck evening gown complete with a sexy side slit is perfect for showing off your brave, bold personality. Try Sherri Hill designer dresses with a flattering design.


  • Innocence Personified


If you’re more of the pure and innocent type, a glamorous tulle V-neck with half-sleeves and a skirt that flows to the floor is the ideal choice.


  • The Creative Type


Do you have a vivid imagination and tend to ooze creativity? You may want to pick an A-line lace gown, no sleeves, and floor-length, perhaps with some sort of embellishment or beading. Blingy additions are beautiful and really show off your creative side.


  • A Princess


Have you spent ages dreaming about prince charming swooping in to sweep you off your feet? Then you’ll want a very princess-like, off-the-shoulder, A-line number. It screams dreamy Disney princess.


  • Modest and Warm


If you’re warm, insightful, intuitive and pretty modest, your best choice for a formal dress is a mermaid sleeveless number, perhaps with one shoulder, beads, and make it floor-length!


  • The Trend-Setter


If you’re a trend-setter, you’re fashion forward, brave, and individual. There’s no dress too bold for you. You’ll probably find the latest style and add your own twist for your formal event. A unique neckline, funky pattern or even a different length to everyone else sets you apart.


  • Sophisticated Sister


If you’re sophisticated, you’re not going to go wrong with a long, sleek gown. You’re classic in style, and so should your dress be. You probably love the spotlight, but because of your sheer elegance. So, let your elegance continue to speak for itself and your choice of glamourous, mature dress attract everyone to you.

These 8 personality types will easily find the perfect formal dress for the next dance or formal occasion. If not, you can always add your own spin on things.

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