Why I Would Love To Go Travelling In Asia

I don’t really have regrets but do you ever wish you’d done something now that you had the opportunity to do but that has long passed you by?

I once had the opportunity to go travelling in Asia, it was a school trip and my friends and I were all keen on going. We were told long in advance about it so we could save up for it and I was all for it – but eventually nerves got to me – nerves about being away from my family for so long, nerves about not managing to make the money in time from my weekend jobs. Eventually I pulled out, as did most of my friends. Only one friend ended up going on the trip.

In the years since then, many people I know have gone travelling – and one continent in particular seems popular with them. Asia, specifically South East Asia. There are plenty of countries in South East Asia that they have travelled to and one such country is Malaysia which is one of the countries I would absolutely love to visit.

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A blogger I know has talked about Malaysia at length too and has mentioned some great places to stay – the Genting Highlands hotel resort. Genting Highlands is an integrated resort with hotels, casinos, and a theme park atop Gunung Ulu Kali, Pahang, at 1,740 metres altitude. The resort has a very cool temperature because of its position, ranging from 15-25 degrees celcius. The views are incredible and I can see myself staying here – I want somewhere that has all the amenities and has the sights-  Genting Highlands hotels certainly have that!

The first hotel Highland Hotel was opened in 1971 and was granted the only casino license in the country the same year. The famous Genting Skyway cable car was built in 1997 and has the reputation for being the “World’s Fastest Mono Cable Car System”. I feel that if I was to visit Malaysia, I’d have to go to the Genting Highlands, don’t you?

Photo Credit: Wander With Jo
It is said to be fairly easy booking hotel online so I’ll definitely be checking out the various hotels at the Genting Highlands Resort – there are plenty to choose from and so many have almost top marks on the star rating system which is fantastic- not often you see that for a resort, there is usually one really great place to stay and other mediocre ones but Genting Highlands is not like them – there are so many popular, well liked places to stay.

So why would I love to go travelling in Asia?

I’ve never ventured out of Europe

I’d love to spread my wings a little more. I’ve only been abroad twice, to Italy and to France – and I’d love to see what else the world has to offer. The views the countries in Asia have to offer me are absolutely incredible and I’d love to get involved in the cultures and see the sights.

The beauty

I’ve already touched on it slightly in my previous point but Asia is an absolutely beautiful continent – who wouldn’t want to see it upfront and personal for themselves? It’s all well and good seeing it on a TV or computer screen but nothing would beat seeing it in person, right?

You’ll never be bored

There is so many countries to visit, so much to see and do. Why wouldn’t anyone want to visit Asia, especially South East Asia, when there is so much on offer? World famous sights to see, incredible views, great accommodation, fantastic entertainment. There will always be something for you to see or do – something new to experience.

Is there a particular place you’d love to visit one day – that you may have once had the opportunity to visit but didn’t take up? Or is there something you had the opportunity to do in the past and wish you had done now? Let me know – I hope I’m not the only who looks back and thinks they should have done certain things – hindsight, eh?

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  1. I highly recommend travelling to south east Asia! If you get the opportunity go to Philippines, it’s where my parents are from and I’ve visited loads and love it!

  2. It’s never too late! Honestly… My Mum is 70 (although she doesn’t look it, and travels extensively on her own. Recent trips have included Morocco, Burma and off the beaten path Cuba!). Malaysia is truly beautiful. I need to go back soon as I have a friend working in nearby Borneo and I would love to see that too! 🙂

  3. I know what you mean about missing out trips and experiences when you’re younger, I was always panicking about leaving home. I have ventured to the states but I’d love to visit somewhere like Japan or Thailand one day 🙂

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