5 Ways To Ensure You Have A Healthy Start To The New Year

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Nearly all of us make resolutions that we are going to be healthier for the year ahead – but how many of us actually keep to it? However if we get a healthy start to the new year, perhaps it may just stand us in good stead for the other eleven months. Here are five ways you can ensure you have a healthy start to the new year.

Drink More Water

Water is so good for us. It’s good for our skin and our eyes and it keeps us hydrated. Many people are quite dehydrated after celebrating for too long on New Year’s Eve so drinking plenty of water will probably start for most people on the 1st. Why not continue it throughout the year? Make sure to have a certain amount of water every day and you are sure to see some differences occurring.

Cut Out The Bad Stuff

Now you don’t need to cut things out completely but by making some small changes to your diet, you will notice a difference. I went from white bread to wholemeal and now barely touch bread at all and now feel a lot better for it. Whilst I am keen to give up fizzy drinks in general, I swapped full fat for zero or diet and now can’t stand the taste of sugary drinks. I cut out sugar in my tea, tried sweetener in it and didn’t like it so now have tea with no sugars.

I’ve even noticed that we as a family have started to have quite a few meat free meals and I am enjoying it – even Steve isn’t complaining! Just by making some small changes there can be some big differences.

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Giving Your Eyes A Break When They Need Them

It surprises me just how many people risk their visual health. It is so important to rest and give your eyes a break when they need them. I wear glasses pretty much all of the time and I always know when I need to give my eyes a rest as they will start to ache and I will probably start to get a headache. Others choose to use their contacts over their glasses and sometimes, just sometimes, we need to give our eyes a break from them and use our glasses instead. You know your own eyes, why not look after them better?

I know I am in need of an eye test so will be looking to get one soon, but Vision Direct also have some great resources and tips on how to keep your eyes healthy.

Take Time To Relax

Stress is a killer so it is vital you take some time to relax at some point. It can be tempting to keep going to make sure everything gets done but if you are running on empty, both your physical and mental health can take a hit. Don’t do it to yourself. Take heed of the signs you need to take a break and actually take it.

Fresh Air Can Do You The World Of Good

Don’t get cooped up in your house or workplace – make sure you get out in the fresh air too. It is good for us and walking also helps you to get a little fitter. If you drive those five minutes down the road, walk instead. Not only are you helping yourself physically but you will be helping yourself financially as you won’t be wasting money on fuel for unnecessary trips.

Have you had a healthy start to the new year? Do you have any tips?

13 thoughts on “5 Ways To Ensure You Have A Healthy Start To The New Year

  1. Such great tips, my eyes have been suffering lately, even to the point I told my husband I think I need to visit the opticians as even with my glasses on my eyes were struggling. I do also need to drink more water that is a big downfall of mine

  2. These are some really great and positive resolutions. I must makedrinking more water one of mine. I need to sit down and set my goals for the year ahead. Thanks for the reminder x

  3. I definitely agree with all of these points! Especially drinking more water, I notice such a huge difference in my mood and also my skin when I drink more! I definitely think I need to try and get more fresh air too, that always lifts me and keeps me motivated!

  4. Great advice I definitely need to do more of these things especially drinking more water and cutting out the bad stuff. I’ve definitely been over indulgent during the festive period.

  5. These are some great tips, I think we all need to try and make a healthy start to the year and being a blogger making sure your eyes get a rest from time to time is a big thing.

  6. I’m one of the people who is hoping that this year I can achieve some of my goals. That definitely includes drinking more water and taking more time to relax. I can definitely get caught up with life and that’s when i eat rubbish and don’t sleep enough x

  7. Great tips I have bought a fridge with a water and ice dispenser to encourage me to drink more water and so far it’s working

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