Playing Games With The Family – 5 Second Rule Jr

5 Second Rule Jr

We were sent the 5 Second Rule Jr game for the purpose of review – all thoughts and opinions are our own.

We love playing games together as a family and have a variety of games in our house – board games, jigsaw puzzles, video games – we’ve got them all and play them all together. When offered the chance to review a board game from University Games, I knew 5 Second Rule Jr would be a popular game with the whole family.

It should be easy to name three of something but the pressure of doing it in 5 seconds with the other players waiting can be very daunting. Time is totally not on your side so you just need to say what comes into your head – you never know, you may even be right but then you could also give a completely ridiculous answer too.

5 Second Rule JrThe game is for 3-6 players and for ages 6+. Within the box, you receive the rules, the board, six puzzle pieces, the timer (which makes a noise that Jack and Olivia found incredibly funny) and the question cards. Younger players are given a bit of leeway, only needing to name two instead of three things but older players still have to name three. If you name three successfully, then you move up one space on the board and the player to the left has to then name three more until someone can’t name anymore. Each player has 5 seconds to give their answers and the player to the right of them will be the one to ask them their question. If someone fails to answer in time, then the person to the left of them starts with a new card. However if everyone keeps thinking of answers, a card can stay in play for quite a long amount of time.

5 Second Rule JrWe’ve played this a few times now and find it to be a lot of fun. The pressure really is on with the fact that you only have five seconds to answer and some bizarre and downright silly answers have come out sometimes during our gameplay. The questions are quite diverse – some are about food, some about holidays such as Christmas or Easter, some about the home, some about sports. You never quite know just what sort of question you will get.

5 Second Rule JrJack has been loving playing the game and constantly wants to get it out and play it again. It definitely is going to be something we bring out at gatherings as it is so much fun for everyone involved – expect plenty of fun and plenty of laughs.

University Games have done it again with a fantastic product for kids. 5 Second Rule Jr is available to buy from Tesco, Argos, John Lewis, Hamleys, Toymaster, Toys R Us and from Amazon here {affiliate link}.

Have you played this game before?

7 thoughts on “Playing Games With The Family – 5 Second Rule Jr

  1. I used to play a similar game when I was young and you’re totally right, because you’re limited on time it can be daunting to provide answers.

  2. I’ve never heard of 5 Second Rule before but it sounds like a lot of fun. I thrive at games played under pressure so I’d happily play this game all day!

  3. This sounds like it would be right up my street. I love the kind of trivia where you have to list things. Sounds like a great game to dig out in the holidays. ❤️


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