Why You Should Be Investing In Yourself…And Other Bloggers

investing in yourself

It is so important to invest in ourselves to help ourselves achieve more. There are certain ways of investing in yourself that can help you achieve these aims. These include setting goals, trusting your instinct and investing in your talents. I always set goals and I always trust my instincts – if something feels off, I will look for more information before proceeding.

I mainly want to talk about investing your talents, however. As a blogger, I am always keen to learn more and add another string to my bow. Since becoming a blogger almost seven years ago, I have become a freelance writer, I’ve started working as a proofreader, become a virtual assistant and now work in managing some people’s social media. I am now earning more from my blog and freelance work than I ever was in my old job and it’s all come from investing in myself…and other bloggers.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to harness your talents – there is some fabulous information out there for free – but if you truly want to build on your talents, then it is doesn’t harm you to invest financially in some things as well. When it comes to blogging, other bloggers are totally where it’s at for this information – you can find a list of my favourite free and paid resources from other bloggers at the bottom of this post.

I’ve taken courses, printed out printables, downloaded eBooks and bought paperbacks. I’ve joined Facebook groups and connected with others. All through blogging and other bloggers. I’ve recently been in contact with a blogger regarding her new book – I’ve answered some questions and she’s mentioned that those who help her will be credited within the book. Helping others can help you sometimes, why wouldn’t you want to invest in both of you in this way?

investing in yourself

So just why should you invest?

It builds connections

You get to meet new people, new brands, new groups. You may take a course and then be added to the private Facebook group and meet some incredible like minded people who you can bounce ideas off.

It can help you build on your talents

E-courses especially are good for this. If you want help with building your social media, then an e-course may help you with those things you didn’t know. If you wanted to learn something new, these resources can truly help you achieve your goals. All by a little belief and some investing in yourself.

It can be good for your PR

Making connections with others and building up on your talents can certainly help you in getting yourself out there. Through these things you can find yourself doing interviews for other blogs, being quoted in newspapers and magazines or being listed as a resource in a book. These things can do wonders for you. Why wouldn’t you want to invest in yourself in this way?

I’m planning on investing in myself more in 2018 – and investing in other bloggers at the same time – are you planning on investing in yourself? If I want to learn more information or want something but don’t have the time for it myself, I’d rather use and promote a blogger’s content so we both can benefit.

investing in yourself

Here are a few of my favourite resources so far:

Sarah’s Monthly To Do List printable – perfect for writing down those blog admin tasks.

Emma Drew’s Turn Your Dreams Into Money e-course {affiliate link} – plus use the code FUTURES to get £50 off, making it £147. Read my review here. Covers all the bases.

Lynn & Emma’s Blogging Your Way To Riches book {affiliate link} – A handy resource, packed full of Emma and Lynn’s knowledge.

Sarah’s Address Book printable – Perfect for noting down the billing details of people you are working with.

Cass’s Free Motivational Quote printable – Perfect for motivating you when you aren’t feeling it.

Amber’s My Blogging Secrets: A Guide To Becoming A Pro-Blogger eBook {affiliate link} – full of information and anecdotes, this is a must read.

Elizabeth’s Blogger Finance Spreadsheet – Perfect if you are making money from your site.

Sarah’s Blogging Checklist printable – If you are like me, there will always be things you forget to check!

Jenny’s Editorial Calendar With Awareness Days – get the first month for free and then it is just £3 for the rest of the year!

Sarah’s Blog Stats & Goals printable – A great way of keeping track of what you achieve month by month.

I hope these prove handy for you. Are you planning on investing in yourself (and other bloggers) more in 2018?

16 thoughts on “Why You Should Be Investing In Yourself…And Other Bloggers

  1. Blogging is a group effort in my opinion. If you’re only taking, your growth is limited. I believe it is a collective, strength in numbers and all that. I also agree with learning something new. Even if you’re not a blogger, in this day and age where cutbacks and instability in companies have become the new normal, you’d be wise to add a few new skills. I read somewhere that in an average person’s lifetime they will have 3 professions.

  2. I spend time every single day reading other bloggers posts and try to communicate on social media as much as possible. I do need to do a course this year so I’ll bare in mind the ones you’ve mentioned x

  3. I love how supportive bloggers can be and it it is so nice to try and support them as well. I think like life if you help others you will get help back when you need it. I do try and comment and read blog posts when I can as we all make the effort and it’s nice to share the love. I love the address print book you’ve mentioned that would come in handy.

  4. I co-run a local networking group which offers hints and tips on social media to small business owners. It is a lovely network and we all look out for each other

  5. Investing in yourself and self care is extremley important. Investing in other bloggers is great as would be fab to build more connections within the community. Great post and lots of useful tools x

  6. I find writing a blog to be like writing a personal journal. I read too many blogs that are basically shrills for products,this may be other’s cup of tea but not mine.

    1. Yes I have included some paid products here but a lot of products here are freebies these bloggers have created for people to use. Just because people may take paid content, do affiliate marketing or review products they have been sent does not mean they are shrills or not use their sites as personal journals too- they are just an extension of what they do.

      I’m afraid your comment doesn’t come off as very supportive- it makes it sound as though people who earn money or review products through their blog literally just shrill which is far from the case.
      Thie post is about supporting yourself and supporting other bloggers, whether that is by creating free or paid for content for them or by using and sharing their free or paid for content.

  7. These are great resources to bookmark. I think its really important to support each other and build each other up. Blogging can be very lonesome and having an internet community can really help x

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