My Perfect Sunday Morning

Sundays are supposed to be a day for R&R – but as a mum to two young children, I find this is rarely the case. But with Mother’s Day just around the corner, I might finally get a chance to stay snuggled up under the covers for a little longer than usual… wishful thinking maybe, but a mum can dream!

Here’re my thoughts on four simple factors that can transform a Sunday morning from parenting pandemonium into a well-deserved day of rest.

  • The perfect lie-in


As a parent, the luxury of a lie-in is a long distant memory.

Remember how wonderful it is to gently wake up after a long, deep, 8-hour sleep, and stay in bed for as long as you want?

No annoying beeps from the phone. No nagging thoughts of breakfasts going unprepared or household tasks left undone. Just blissful, guilt-free duvet time!

For me, a little preparation can go a long way when I want to try to create idyllic lie-in conditions. I close the curtains so not even a sliver of morning sun can sneak in and wake me. I set the heater to an optimal ‘I-could-sleep-forever’ temperature and I unplug all technology and treat myself to a mini digital detox.

  • The perfect bedroom


A bedroom should be a place to switch off, snuggle down and relax. It’s really important to keep it a totally ‘stress-free zone’. If I wake up to a tidy room it definitely relaxes me, even if I know there is a pile of washing out of sight in the wardrobe!

A few cosy luxuries are key to setting up the perfect Sunday morning environment. For me, three must-haves are:

  1. A big, beautiful duvet to snuggle into
  2. A lovely warm rug, casually thrown across the bed
  3. An outrageously OTT pile of pillows
  • The perfect mattress


If you’re spending a couple of extra hours under the covers, you want to be sleeping on the perfect mattress, and a Bruno Mattress ticks this box for me.

It’s made in Germany and is relatively to the UK, but now that it’s here, I would definitely call it a lie-in essential! The key to it’s comfort is a springy natural latex top layer, which, as well as being hypoallergenic, keeps air flowing, so you feel nice and snug but never overheat.

What caught my eye about the Bruno is that it has been designed with 7 precise zones to promote healthy spinal alignment, so it’s ideal if back pain is troubling your sleep. Because I’m so busy, and am rushing around all the time I can be prone to overdoing it, so waking without any twinges is a luxury in itself!

The only downfall I can find with the Bruno? It’s so comfy, you’ll never want to leave your bed, even when the lie-in should really be over.

  • The perfect breakfast


The final touch to my perfect Sunday morning is – of course – breakfast in bed. And I’m not talking about regular run-of-the-mill marmite on toast and tea here (although being brought a cuppa in bed is always welcome!)

I want the full 5 senses shebang: strong, aromatic coffee; sweet, freshly squeezed orange juice; an impressive tower of toasted sourdough, mashed avocado and a perfectly poached egg, with just a little golden yolk running down the side. And, to complete this picture of Sunday morning heaven, a beautiful vase of spring flowers!

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