Why I Would Consider Using An Online Pharmacy

I am lucky enough to live in a little village where all the local amenities are just a few minutes away but I know this isn’t the case for everyone. I also know that there are plenty of people, my grandparents included, who live in this village and rely on others to get their stuff for them, including medication. Both my Grandad and Nan are on lots of medication so need to make sure that someone, usually me or my mum, is able to pick those up for them from our local pharmacy.

This is where I would consider using an online pharmacy in the UK such as https://www.ukmeds.co.uk/. I’ve looked into them before but hadn’t seen the need for myself personally – but having to get my families medication got me thinking differently. If we couldn’t get out of the house because we were both ill and there was no one to get it for us, how would we get the medication that we need? This is where an online pharmacy comes in. UK Meds have a wide range of treatments available for common illnesses. All medicine is high quality and dispensed by a licensed UK pharmacist and all orders and consultation answers have to be reviewed by a doctor before you can get them. All their medication is purchased from the same suppliers high street pharmacies use so there’s no worries there.

Kaitlyn Baker
You can opt in to let your GP and health centre know of your order so they are aware of any changes. The pharmacy covers a wide variety of treatments such as asthma, flu, hair loss, high cholestrol and many more. They also offer emergency contraception – and all their parcels have discreet packaging so if you are ever embarrassed about going into a local pharmacy and buying something, perhaps this would be the solution for you.

I suffer from hayfever badly so am always trying different treatments to see if one will work. The best I’ve ever had was one prescribed by a doctor but I couldn’t take them when I was pregnant obviously and since having the kids, they don’t seem to work as well anymore so I am looking for something else. As you can imagine this can get quite expensive. I am also diagnosed with asthma although I no longer have a repeat prescription as I haven’t had an attack in such a long time. I’ve been taking a look at the options available on the site and there is some hayfever medication I haven’t tried yet so I may give it a go.

Each medication has its own page and is thoroughly discussed – a description of the product, quantity of the product and dosage details. You go into your transaction with eyes wide open and knowing exactly what to expect.

Online pharmacies seem to be becoming more and more popular- especially for those who can’t get out to their local high street pharmacies – and it is easy to see why. There are plenty of pro’s for it – getting your medication to you when you can’t get out to get it yourself, discreet packages if you are too embarrassed to visit your local pharmacy and many more.

I am definitely going to be giving UK Meds a try when next in need of some particular medication. Do you ever use online pharmacies?

Collaborative Post 

What Are Milennial Renters Looking For In 2018? #MillennialRenting

Collaborative Post

As a milennial who is currently rented and has rented properties for eight years now, I think I know a thing or two about #MillennialRenting and what us tenants are looking for. I’ve had the good, the bad and the frustrating so I think I know what people are looking for when it comes to taking up tenancy in a rented property.

Renting is easily becoming one of the more popular ways to live. Not necessarily because people want to rent but because it is too hard to get on the property ladder. Some just don’t want to settle down and buy a property just yet. With renting becoming so popular, landlords need to know what prospective tenants are looking for – whether that be the downright obvious or something a little more obscure as a request. Millennials currently make up the top renting group so landlords want to knuckle down and ensure they get those tenants.

As a millennial myself, there is plenty I want from a property. I currently live in a two bed property and am looking for a three bed in our area so that Olivia can finally move out of our room and into her own. There are certain things I am looking for that a house has to have for me to even consider opting for it – a decent sized garden that doesn’t require a ton of upkeep (I have friends who’ve rented and been expected to spend every waking moment tending to the garden as the landlord had it a certain way – I just want a grassy area and maybe a flower bed, nothing too fancy!), I would love for a property to allow pets too as Jack is of the age where he is desperate for a pet, bless him. Being close to amenities is a plus – but I live in a village so I’m always close to one of the local shops and being as close to the school as possible is good too – we currently live the other side of the village and Jack only just got into the local school – the only school in the village!

Terrah Holly
Whilst these are all things you would expect a landlord to offer or a tenant to request, there are plenty of other things that are appealing to young renters now such as high speed WiFi included, being able to pay rent online and quick and easy maintenance requests.

Using a site like HomeLet is also great. Whether you are a letting agent, tenant or landlord, they are there for you with plenty of advice. They are the UK’s largest tenant referencing and specialist lettings insurance company and have over 25 years’ experience to their name. I could certainly have done with some of their tenant’s insurance in the past and am considering getting some now – even if we aren’t here in this property for very long. I don’t want to say too much as we still live here but we haven’t been happy with the relationship at all – requests unanswered or ignored.

I think that most millennial renters are like me – they want a decent amount of bedrooms, a decent sized garden which doesn’t require too much upkeep, they want to be close to local amenities and they would like the opportunity to have pets in the house if they can. This is what we want and hopefully we can find it. What do you think millennial renters are looking for?

5 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Wanting to boost your blog traffic? I’m always striving to boost mine, even after seven years, especially when I’ve had dips such as when I have had my children and taken some time off. But why would you want to increase your blog traffic? Some do it just because they like to improve on themselves, some like the stats, some are keen to get paid work from their sites. If you are looking to get paid blogging jobs, then you will always be striving to increase your traffic and stats for better chances of work. Many brands use blogger outreach services to find the best fit for their campaigns. So what ways have you been using to boost traffic to your blog recently?

Here are five ways I’ve increased my blog traffic over the years.

Guest Blog

Now I must admit I don’t manage to do this as often as I used to and I really want to get back to it. Not only do you provide another blogger with some great content when they need it – going on holiday, poorly, maternity leave, the reasons a blogger may need guest content is endless – but it also boosts traffic to your blog and helps your domain authority as people click through to see a little more from you. I’ve guest posted on various sites – some smaller UK bloggers, some big UK bloggers and some massive US bloggers and the traffic they bring is always great.

Social media is your friend

Have social media accounts? Utilise them! Try to remember that they are called ‘social’ media though and don’t just use them promote your content. Build your communities on them so people are interested in what you have to say on there and are more likely to click a link to your blog post – if you simply spam your feeds with links, you’re less likely to get people clicking through as it seems too automated, almost robotic. Also please make sure you have social share buttons on your blog, that they work and that they include your handles so you can see when people have shared your content. Make social media work for you!

Round ups/crowdsourcing can really help

These seem to be more popular now than they ever were when I first started out but a great way to get traffic to your blog is to respond to round ups and crowdsourcing requests. I am a VA for a food blogger and other food bloggers are always looking for content for their round ups – whether it be for seasonal recipes or recipes featuring a particular ingredient. If you see these requests, leave your link – there is a great chance you will be featured and this will drive traffic back to your site. Same goes for crowdsourcing requests – if another blogger is looking for responses on a topic you have content on or are quite interested in, leave a link or a quote and who knows? They may include you – yet again more traffic to your site should people click through.

Have evergreen content

Evergreen content is content that can be utilised all year round. I have a few blogging articles, some recipes, a potty training post – these consistently get traffic all year round, year in and year out. Evergreen content will always be a traffic provider so make sure you have some on your site. Whilst many blogging niches lend themselves to the here and now – beauty bloggers reviewing products etc – there are ways you can create evergreen content from this such as a guide to skincare or an explanation of what certain beauty terms mean. There is always a way to create some evergreen content, whatever your niche.

Create a product or a service

I haven’t created a product but I do provide some services – freelance writing, virtual assisting and proofreading. Whilst I have my own work website for these, I often refer back to this site on that site and in communication with possible clients. With people purchasing your product or service, they may be keen to find out a little more about the person behind it all – so direct them to your site!

These are just a handful of ways to drive traffic to your blog and I am always trying other avenues too. What avenues have you had success with?



Tommee Tippee Tableware | Review

Items sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

We love Tommee Tippee – you probably already know this from the amount of times we have covered the brand on this blog – see here.

We used them constantly with Jack and having been doing the same with Olivia and with Olivia now having been weaned for 9 months, we were looking into getting her some new tableware – larger than what she has had in the past – and some more cutlery. Up until recently Olivia hasn’t really shown an interest in feeding herself with cutlery but with this interest increasing, we needed some new stuff for her – and Tommee Tippee were up for the job.

We were sent some Easi-Scoop feeding bowls for 7m+, some pots and tray for 4m+, a Taster section plate for 12m+, some Supa-Soft weaning spoons for 4m+, some Heat Check feeding spoons for 4m+ and some Easi Grip feeding spoons for 7m+.

Now with Olivia being 15 months of age, we are using all of these. She has been weaned for many months now but much prefers to use her hands to eat her food – as they say, food for fun until they’re one – and has only recently taken an interest in using spoons and other cutlery to eat her food. Now I know from previous experience with Jack that these spoons – especially the heat check ones which we used constantly with Jack – will be used all the time for many, many months to come. However, we have been testing her out with the different spoons and she seems to prefer the Easi-Grip 7m+ ones although has been using the 4 months ones well.

We’ve been using the spoons and different dishes for plenty of different meals – the bowls are perfect at breakfast time but are also perfect for Olivia’s favourite dinner, chicken chow mein!

The freezer pots have been great for making little pasta sauces for the kids meal times when we are having something different and the plate has been great for different foods – Olivia can be very fussy with food sometimes and other days eat everything in sight with no problems at all. The Taster section plate has proved very handy for days when she is fussy so that she can pick and choose what she wants. I love our selection of tableware and will be using it for weeks and months to come – Olivia loves it too!

Tommee Tippee came up with some fabulous recipes to celebrate Spring and our recent Easter. We wanted to give some a try. Now we’ve moved past purees we couldn’t give those a go but I’ll be passing along those recipes to my friends with younger babies. Now we didn’t have quite the ingredients needed for the porridge bowl so we adapted instead – with chocolate porridge instead of original as Olivia doesn’t like original porridge, white chocolate buttons for the face and a quick inclusion of cereal for the ears as we realised we didn’t have any apples – whoops! It doesn’t look anything like Tommee Tippee’s but Olivia snaffled it all up, that was a happy breakfast day! Next up we will be giving the Good Friday Feast a try!

As you can see, our staging leaves a lot to be desired but hey, if Olivia eats it then I am happy! What Spring recipe would you try? What do you think of the Tommee Tippee range of tableware?

Degustabox | March

Box was sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

The March box seemed very Easter/Spring themed and we loved seeing what we had in the box – so what did we think of the items included in the March box?

As you can see, there were a variety of items for us to enjoy in the box this month – some for the kids and some for the adults. Here’s what we thought of them….

Smarties & Milkybar Mixed Mini Eggs – £3

These were delicious and popular with the whole family. So tasty and we would love them again – yum!

Shreddies Max Granola – £2.59

We always love to try new cereals and these are a tasty combination of oat clusters and Shreddies pieces. These have been great for starting the morning with.

Appy Kids Co Roald Dahl fruit drinks – £1.29

Jack is a big Roald Dahl fan so was excited to see these included in the box. Let me tell you, these didn’t last very long! They contain no GMOs, no gluten, no added sugars or artificial preservatives and my kids loved them.

Ribena Pineapple and Passionfruit – £2.49

This is a tasty refreshing drink for the warm days – this has been proved popular in our house and we have loved drinking it. It is a great new addition to the Ribena squash range. It contains less than 15 calories per 250ml serving.
Hapervoli Flapjack Limited Lebkuchen – £1.99

This was a delicious addition to the Degustabox. It was packed full of flavour, moist and crumbly.

Mr Lee’s Noodles – £2.99

We love noodle pots in our house so this was a welcome addition to the box and I ate it for lunch. It is gluten free, low in sugar and low in saturated fats and calories and tastes delicious.Tenzing Natural Energy – £1.19

I’ve got to admit that we weren’t keen on the flavour of this drink. Not for us, I’m afraid! These have 55 calories per can and have absolutely nothing artificial.

Encona Carolina Reaper Chilli Sauce – £1.49

I am no good with hot sauces and the kids obviously aren’t allowed it so this was all Steve’s and he loves it. It blends the world’s hottest chilli pepper, tomatoes and spices – apparently it is absolutely delicious!


Canny 100% Natural Chocolate Milk – £1.59

This was an extra gift for the subscribers who had answered the most monthly surveys. This is refined sugar free and gluten free and Jack really enjoyed it and wants us to get it again!

Cirio Pasta Sauce – £2

We love Cirio products and have had this before, we know it is delicious however we don’t use premade sauces anymore as we are on Slimming World so will be donating this to the local food bank.

We also received a full value voucher for a Cheestrings Snack Mix – worth £1. Jack loves these so he was very happy to see this included!

All in all, we were very happy with the box we received – so delicious and plenty of products we will be repurchasing! If you get the Degustabox, what was your favourite item?