Wonder Park Toys | Review

We were sent a collection of Wonder Park toys for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

It will have been pretty hard to miss the trailer for Wonder Park – the 2019 animated kid’s film that was released on the 8th of April to great anticipation. Jack has been desperate to see it and was very excited to hear that he was being sent a selection of toys from the new Wonder Park range for review. He was sent a variety of toys and has been having great fun making a ‘Wonder Park’ of his own.

The film tells the story of a magnificent amusement park where the imagination of a wildly creative girl named June comes alive. These toys certainly help with imaginative play for your child’s very own amusement park. For ages 3+, here is what we were sent.

Wonder Chimp Surprise 3 Pack

The Wonder Chimp Surprise 3 pack retails at £5 and contains three different chimps. There are 30 different chimps to collect in Series 1 – we received the frog Chimp, bee Chimp and the bunny Chimp.

The pack has one chimp on show and two hidden. The chimps can ride in their very own free-rolling Coaster Car. What’s even better is you can connect the Coaster Cars for more. Each series will see some new Wonder Chimps added to the collection and a new Coaster Car colour! The chimps are ever so cute!

Grand Wonder Ferris Wheel Playset

This beautiful Ferris Wheel retails at £19.99 and had me in awe as we unboxed it. I always find ferris wheels at fairs so beautiful and they’ve captured the essence of a ferris wheel truly. This playset can be lit up with the push of a button and you can take your exclusive Greta and Wonder Chimp figures on a ride. Don’t forget that you can get your other figures to take a ride too!

This was probably Jack’s favourite product from the collection – who doesn’t love a ferris wheel? Him and Olivia had so much fun spinning the figures around on the wheel.

The wheel comes unassembled in the box so you do have to put it together but this is fairly simple to do – just a few pieces to pop together and you are good to go. Batteries come included in the playset which mean children can instantly light up the wheel and make the magic happen which is great when you have impatient children such as mine.

Wonder Park Figure Pack

This is a great way of collecting even more characters. Each character also comes with an iconic accessory from the movie! There are the characters of  June, Boomer, Steve, Peanut and Gus & Copper to collect and we received Steve (which Jack thought was hilarious, as that is his Daddy’s name!). Steve came with an orange chimp keyring which Jack quickly attempted to add to his school book bag!

Steve has movable limbs and is super cute – Olivia has been carrying him around for ages as she is simply enamoured by him!

Wonder Park Flying Fish Carousel Playset

This Flying Fish Carousel is £14.99 and is one of the most exciting rides in Wonderland. This ride turns and includes three detachable flying fish. It comes with an exclusive June figure and also has her Peanut doll too! Like the ferris wheel, your other figures can take a ride too – but beware that the smaller figures may fall off as it is seemingly designed for the bigger figures! We did find it a little difficult to keep June on at times – as soon as we thought she was safely sat on her fish, she’d fall to the side so it does take a bit of practice!

Also like the ferris wheel, this was super easy to put together. It comes unassembled in the packaging but with just a few pieces and a few steps, it can be put together in seconds. I do like when a toy is easy to put together as it can get so frustrating trying to put something together with children eager to play with them!

This is just a handful of the Wonder Park toys available to buy from John Lewis and all good toy retailers – click here to see more in the range and discover more about the wondrous fun of Wonder Park! Have you seen the film or played with any of the toys yet?

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