Some Spring Eco-Cleaning Hacks

Collaborative Post

This time of year is time for spring cleaning. You will probably have seen numerous status updates about people spring cleaning and seen many an item going up for sale on your local selling pages as people look to clean their house and declutter as they go too.

With everyone trying to be more eco-friendly too as we all try to reduce the amount of harm we are doing to the planet, I wanted to share some eco cleaning hacks today. These hacks were collated by Pattersons, a company who sell green cleaning products. The great thing about them is that they offer both commercial and household eco cleaning products so everyone benefits – including the planet.

I’m definitely trying to be more eco friendly in every aspect of my life now – I am taking steps to reduce plastic consumption and reducing the amount of chemicals I use too. I’m definitely going to be giving these hacks a try, how about you?

Which one of these hacks will you be giving a try first? I’m having some trouble removing some grease from some baking trays I have – no matter how much I soak them or use degreaser products. I am definitely going to be trying the lemon juice trick!

Do you have any other eco friendly cleaning hacks you can tell me about?

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