Why choosing a family run business is so important to our communities

This is a collaborative post.

Living in a village like I do, I know the true importance of supporting independent businesses, especially family run businesses. It saddens me to say but big name brands often don’t have any intention of getting involved with the local communities as they know their business will most likely survive the economy anyway. They also often mass produce things or offer labour on a large scale and make it harder for smaller businesses to compete.

It is so important to show these local family run businesses our support, whether it is from buying from their shop or tearoom (we have a wonderful tearoom in our village, run by two sisters and it is absolutely incredible – I rave about it on Instagram stories a lot!) or choosing a local trade company to do some work for you, rather than opting for a larger business  – perhaps someone like Cheshire based timber joinery business, Reddish Joinery – they are a family run business that has been run by many different generations of the Parrott family for many years. They’re trusted window installers and have many years experience. Why would you want to choose an impersonal bigger business when you know you’ll get the job done with a personal touch from a business such as this?

We’ve seen so many campaigns about shopping our local high streets over the past few years but it seems some people still haven’t got the message. I admit, I am guilty of buying products or services from bigger businesses at some points – but I do try to always use the businesses in my local community first. Unfortunately, in my village, sometimes you simply can’t get the thing you need and you have to shop further afield.

Smaller businesses will treasure your custom much more than those businesses turning over millions of pounds in profit in a year – all the big bosses at those companies care about is getting people in and out the door, having spent a fair amount.  They will always put the customer first and will go the extra mile if required to help their customers. By going the extra mile, they will please their customers who will, in turn, tell people about their fantastic experience. They may get involved in community schemes such as clearing the park of litter, raising funds for those in need.

I have plenty of anecdotes I could give you about local businesses who have gone the extra mile to help others in our community but I’ll stop at just the one. We were about to lose our Post Office in the village until a local businessman who runs his own family run business stepped in and offered them the space in his shop – this was such a relief for the older members of our community who would have struggled to get out of the village to get their pensions and really did us all proud.

It goes to show that these businesses, whilst of course wanting our business, are prepared to help our communities thrive and we should, in turn, be helping them to do the same. They say it takes a village to raise a child and I think it takes a real community spirit to run that village, don’t you?

Do you choose family run businesses in your local community?

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