6 Tips For Getting Your Garden Ready For Spring

We might be in the deepest, darkest depths of Winter at the moment, but before you know it, the temperatures will start creeping up, the nights will start getting lighter, and the first signs of spring will begin to make themselves known.

It is essential to start planning and preparing your garden now for the spring months so that when it arrives, your garden is in ship shape condition and ready for new life.  In this article, we look at a few tips to help you get started.

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1) Repair fences

Winter storms can damage and weaken fences, so now is the time to strengthen them and replace fence panels where necessary. When the weather begins to improve, you might want to think about painting them or staining them to give your garden a fresh new look for the year ahead. Make sure you choose a paint that is suitable for fences, and it is always best to go for a neutral look and add colour to your garden through plants and accessories.

2) Clean up

Winter can leave all sorts of debris and detritus , from broken branches to leaves, broken pots and rubbish that has blown in from other places. Spend a few hours cleaning up and picking up because it can be more difficult for new plantings to grow if there’s a layer of debris covering it.

3) Take stock of tools

It is difficult to work on your garden if you don’t have the appropriate tools. Take stock of what you have – if they are rusty, damaged or lost, replace them and clean them up if necessary. No one wants to be stuck with a broken shovel or trowel on the first day of spring!

4) Turn over soil

Throughout winter, your soil has probably been frozen and hardened. It is difficult to grow anything when it is in that state, so restore the moisture and nutrients by breaking it up and turning it over with a pitchfork. You might also want to add some manure, compost or mulch to lock the moisture in and prevent weeds from growing.

5) Trim perennials

If you have planted perennials in the past – plants that come back year after year, you will need to think about trimming them so that they will grow back once the weather begins to warm up. Hold off until the risk of early spring frost has passed to make sure that you don’t damage any greenery that is emerging.

6) Clean out the greenhouse

Your garden will be home to trays of seedlings and cuttings before you know it, so make sure it is a clean and tidy environment for them. Sweep it out, disinfect the benches and tables and clean the glass both inside and out. Bacteria and pests can hide in the little nooks and crannies and can infect your young plants. Make sure you ventilate it well before putting any plants in there.

What are your tips for getting your garden spring ready?


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