What Do You Want From Your Wedding Day?

This is a collaborative post.

Because if you don’t know what you want from your wedding day, how are you ever going to plan one and be satisfied with it?!

Weddings are big days in our lives, and they’re always going to mean a lot, no matter the kind of person you are. They’re going to be a romantic time, and each and every one of your guests are going to have something different to remember about it!

But what are you going to remember about it? What do you even want to be there? What decorations, what kind of food, what music etc. How do you even go about planning a wedding day when you have no idea where to start? Well, hopefully, you can start right here. It’s time to work out what kind of wedding you want, and let’s hope you’re all the happier for it!

Know Your Budget

It’s the first thing to work out, before you do any other sort of planning. After all, you need to have the right amount of money on hand before you go hiring DJs and catering companies. You won’t know what you can pay before you put in a booking, and you definitely won’t get what you want when they pull out due to your lack of funds.

You’ll Want Some Good Photos

At the very least, that is. You’re going to want some physical reminders of your big day, that you can say for sure. And the best way to make sure of that is to have a good wedding photographer on hand – but where do you start in finding one?

First up, look online. There’s a lot of Wedding Photographers out there with professional websites and public portfolios, and they’re a good place for you to begin your search. Look through their past work, and if you see something you like, be sure to get in contact.

Then you can ask around your friends and family, to see if they have any recommendations for you. Maybe your younger sister is trying to start a career in freelance photography; why not give her a little boost here by asking her to do the photos for your big day? It’ll be a lovely personal touch for the both of you.

Nick Karvounis
You’ll Want to Take Your Time

There’s a reason you book a wedding venue well ahead of time – because you need a lengthy schedule in place before you do any further arranging! You want to have a proper timeline on your hands, to make sure you’ve got plenty of chances to find the right place to hold the ceremony, and that you can taste as many cakes as is required to find the right catering company. So give yourself 6 months maybe, especially if you’re someone who’s quite decisive about the big things in your life…

Ready for your big day? Your wedding day can be perfect, and just as you imagined, as long as you take the time to figure it out first.

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