What Your Guests Remember From Your Wedding Day

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As much as your wedding day is about you, you want your guests to enjoy your day too. So here’s what your guests remember from your wedding day.

The Food

Food is very important especially as a wedding day is usually heavily fuelled by alcohol. So it’s good to have a decent amount of food served at the wedding. Think about the food that caters for the majority, rather than giving guests the opportunity to note down every intolerance they have. A good medium is to have one or two meat dishes and one or two vegetarian dishes. Allowances should be made for those who are allergic or vegan, but there will likely be very few.

The Bar

A good bar will certainly go down well with guests, but you should be wise of when to open the bar, ideally after the ceremony so there are no guests getting boozed up or too drunk to remember the most important bit. Make sure there’s enough drink to last for the whole day and have a variety of drinks, including spirits and soft drinks to cater for everyone.

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That Bit In Between Your Ceremony & Breakfast

When your ceremony is over, and you’re now happily married, the next agenda on the list of your day is to have photographs taken. This will be a mixture of you and your partner, family members and friends. You’ll then normally have a big group photo at the end before the wedding breakfast. It’s important to think about what to offer your guests while you have your photos taken. It might be worth having the big group photo first and then opening up the bar or serving some canapes to keep your guests fed and watered. This period of time is something that a lot of guests will judge the day on.

The Music

Music should certainly be at the top of your list for prioritising as it’s what gets the party started. So decide on what type of music you’d like and think about your guests and what they’d enjoy. You might want to mix it up and have a band on first to do some covers and then a DJ to play on for the rest of the night.

Your Theme

Everyone’s wedding theme tends to be different and whether you opt for bridal wedding day traditions or not, is completely up to you. This is the aspect of your wedding that you can really go to town with. The more personality you inject into it, the more your guests will notice and appreciate the touches you put into your wedding. Think about what you and your partner love and try to incorporate within your wedding day. The venue also makes a difference to your theme, so make sure what you want fits the style of your venue too.

The most important people on the day though are you and your partner. When all is said and done, it’s your memories of the day that is the most important to remember to enjoy it and relish every moment from the day. It’ll certainly go quickly!

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