The Importance Of Professional Advice For Your Business

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When it comes to your work, nothing beats professional advice. It can be all to easy to take advice from people on the internet – the amount of people I see taking people’s advice on Facebook as gospel is ridiculous. Why would you risk your business by not taking the correct advice?

As a self employed person not a business, I don’t necessarily require certain advice however if I was to need some I’d definitely consider a company like Rigby Financial. They are an independent insurance intermediary and financial advisors who offer services for both individuals and businesses.

Something that is a must whether you are self employed or running your own business is liability insurance. You don’t ever want to risk the possibility of being sued for a slight error that could have been avoided. Should you make an error and do get sued, the liability insurance is there to cover you. Every business should have corporate liability insurance as standard – it is something you should be considering from the very start of your business journey.

It’s important to ensure that your business, its management and its employees are correctly covered under all circumstances. The term corporate liability defines a situation where a company is responsible for its own actions or the actions taken by its employees that may be deemed unlawful. A lack of action where action was required to ensure a company and its staff were correctly adhering to the law could also be included in this terminology. Corporate liability insurance, therefore, is cover that protects you, your business and its finances under these circumstances.

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Why is advice from a company such as Rigby Financial so important when it comes to your business? Simply put, they know exactly what suits your business needs, what amount of cover you should have and will let you know the costs. Most insurers offer around £1 million as a starting sum up to around £10 million although this can vary. Corporate liability insurance does cost a lot higher than other insurance as these companies take compensation expenses into account – this could include loss of earnings, medical costs, post-care and repairs plus much more.

If you are a business dealing with the general public on a daily basis, a larger cover should be considered as they are more likely to be exposed to public liability claims. Additional cover may also be worthwhile to protect contractual obligations.

Do you have liability insurance? Do you take professional business advice?

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