What Are The Consequences of Negligent Car Servicing?

It can be so easy to put things off until another day. You put it to the back of your mind and promise yourself that you will do it tomorrow. But sometimes this can go horribly wrong -if you’re negligent in the wrong areas for too long, you can end up paying the price.

Getting your car serviced is something that should be done regularly – but so many people put it off. We all have to have a regular MOT but most car owners know that they should be getting other stuff checked – or checking ourselves throughout the year. So what could the consequences be if you are negligent when it comes to getting your car serviced?

You could be breaking the law

When it comes to your tyres, it is a fine line between the minimum tread depth needed and your tyres being illegal. You can measure them yourselves but if you aren’t confident doing so and feel that you will need new tyres, consider one of these great tyre fitting services in Dundee. Professionals will be able to check your tread depth and analyse whether you need some new tyres fitted. You don’t want to get pulled over by police for bald tyres when it can easily be avoided, do you?

It can be very dangerous

There are so many things that you need to check in your car on a regular basis. Engine coolant, brake fluid, tyres. Any of these getting too low can be very dangerous. Brakes need brake fluid to work effectively. Car engines need the coolant to stop them from overheating. Tyres actually need some tread depth to grip effectively. If any of these are too low, an accident could happen – whether that is not being able to brake in time of an accident or braking but not being able to grip with the tyres effectively or your engine could overheat whilst you’re driving down a busy road and unable to pull over. Why would you want to risk the life of not only you but any passengers you have when it can easily be checked by you?

The financial implications

Cars cost money – we all know that. But why pay out more than you have to? If you are getting your car checked regularly, it won’t cost too much – maybe some new tyres or new engine coolant when required. However, when people put it off, the cost can become extreme! Whilst some people are lucky when putting off services, others end up paying dearly for their actions – what could have been a quick five minute job and cost just a few pounds could end up taking days to fix and cost hundreds, perhaps thousands of pounds. Utter negligence could lead to the car being written off – and this all could have been avoided!

Exemption of warranty

Some people’s cars may still be under warranty – and it can be tempting to ask the company who made the car to fix any issues whilst under warranty. However, if you have been negligent when it comes to servicing your car, you may find that your warranty is now exempt – meaning that the company won’t be helping you fix any issues that you may come across.

The inconvenience

Finally, and probably the least important overall, is the inconvenience of not having a car because of your own negligence. A quick five minutes out of your day is all that was needed to check and if things have gone horribly wrong with your car, it may take days to sort out, if it can be sorted out at all! This can be incredibly inconvenient, especially if you have a family that you need to get around.

I hope these consequences of negligent car servicing have brought it home to you how important it is to get your car checked regularly. Have you ever put off a service when it is due?


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