Make The Most of Tight Spaces With The Help of Rainwater Tanks

Nowadays, people are going crazywith owning a narrow house. Why? – Oh, well, not only because it is much cheaper than owning a regular one, and most especially – even I can’t deny it – they have amazing and innovative architectural designs. The way architects and interior designers play with the horizontal and vertical elements of the house whilst limiting the space it provides is really astounding and ingenious.

These elements really add up to the design aesthetically and functionally, and due to it’s narrow and minimalist design, you can even squeeze in cutting your budget into the design solution. You can use rainwater storage tanks home depot for storing rainwater for later consumption, but some don’t have enough space in their houses and sometimes, it makes it hard for them to conserve water resources without having to cut off their daily routines just to save up their monthly expenses.

As you dwell deeper into this article you will learn four amazing things you can actually do and make out of such a tight space.


Light is essential to one’s living, and one of the greatest advantages of having a narrow house footprint is that the access of natural light is mainly considered in the design– the light in each room is widely distributed and thus light is very efficient in this modern design.

Not only can you save up a large amount of cash out of your monthly electrical bills, it can also be a great advantage to the ventilation–which leads us to our next essential thing on a narrow house.

Natural Ventilation

With the correct orientation, you can both have natural ventilation and natural light in your house – just make sure the air can flow through your house and not be trapped around it because that is bad ventilation. One way to enter is a large window that can provide wide openings – this is a great way to use these advantages. You can also install movable walls/louvers to easily maneuver the passage of light, also to give you shade when it is too hot in midday.

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Having natural sunlight as your main source of light during daytime, it is better to pair it with a thermal mass design concept for your interior–like a concrete floor, and a solar array on the roof, now that you’ve found an innovative way to collect both passive and active source of heat and energy for your house.

Cutting corners on your monthly expenses has never been so aesthetically pleasing with these lovely narrow house designs, and speaking of cutting down your budget, this brings us to our last thing on the list.


Building on a narrow footprint is better on prefabricated materials for construction, it might not be cheaper, but it saves you a lot of time on usual routines when it comes to constructing structures on site. With prefabricated materials, you won’t need to worry about weather conditions and waste and quality management as the construction can be done simultaneously.

Whilst constructing you can also install your slimline rainwater tank intact in between narrow spaces because slimline tanks can slither through tight and narrow spaces and can collect a sufficient amount of rainwater for you. Collecting rainwater is great on cutting down your budget because the water came from a free source up top. You just literally need to wait for something to fall down the sky. You can also slide another one in under the deck, a bladder tank under your deck would be great for storing in tight spaces too due to its flexibility.

Your narrow living wouldn’t be complete without narrowing your expenses–you can now save up a large amount of money and live comfortably inside your cute narrow house.

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