How Well Does Online Dating Work?

Online dating is a big thing nowadays – but how much of a success rate does it actually have? We’ve all read the success stories on the websites and in the pages of weekly magazines but how much should we actually deem to be true?

Research has shown that it does work incredibly well – people tend to go on much more than a first date – but sometimes there isn’t always the possibility of a second or third date as you just don’t click in real life like you did online. It can be so easy to pretend to be someone else online, tempting to try to catfish someone and it is incredibly easy to be catfished. It is so important to be aware of what dangers there lie out there and to choose wisely.

Choose the best site for you – maybe try a local one such as the Gloucester dating site, Strathclyde dating site, Jersey dating site or the Wiltshire dating site. If you are of an older age, perhaps consider checking out an age specific local site such as over 50s dating Dorset site.

Online dating can work really well if you are prepared to give it a try – just ensure your dating profile is set up perfectly and honestly. Read up on the success stories, ask around your friends and family and see how well they have got on. I’m sure you’ll find some interesting stories!


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