Making Reading Fun With Storytime Magazine

We were sent a couple of copies of Storytime magazine for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Jack loves magazines and he loves stories (see all of our book reviews here) so when we were offered the chance to review Storytime magazine, we jumped at the chance. The UK’s only story magazine, with thousands of readers in over 50 countries, you can try it yourself today on a trial offer or on a subscription for as little as £2 an issue. You can choose your subscription here.

Before setting up Storytime, the team behind the magazine worked in large publishing companies and created a number of well known branded magazines which kids enjoy. However, they enjoyed it mainly for the plastic toy rather than the content which was a little lacking to say the least. They left their jobs, took a huge risk and used their own money to launch Storytime as a social enterprise..

Storytime gives children brilliant stories in a fun, colourful magazine format. Something that works for reluctant readers who won’t pick up a book thatstill appeals to children who devour stories and do read books for enjoyment – the money made from Storytime magazine allows them to work with schools, charities and councils to give some less-advantaged children some good quality reading materials at a low, low price.

Each issue contains fairy tales, poems, myths and legends, folk tales, plus puzzles and activities, with beautiful, fun and colourful illustrations to bring it all to life. There is also no adverts and the magazine is printed on good quality paper. So what did we think?

Jack absolutely loved Storytime magazine. Not only is it jam packed full of stories that Jack can enjoy but there is also plenty of puzzles for him to do and many competitions – which Jack loved. He loves entering competitions so this mixes all of his favourite things. He has read all the three copies we received cover to cover and has spent ages poring over the puzzles and asking me to help him enter the competitions.

I’m very impressed. There is a variety of stories available so your children is bound to find one they really love. The illustrations are great and as mentioned before, there is no adverts and the paper is great quality! We will definitely be looking into getting a subscription as a present for his birthday or Christmas as it is definitely something you’d enjoy. As well as them reading to themselves, it is so important to read to your children when they are young and Rachel talks about why here.

Is this something your child would enjoy?

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