Helping Jack With His Learning

Jack is now coming to the end of his year in Reception and will be moving to Year 1 in September. We are extremely happy with how he is progressing – he has moved up to level 8 on his reading and is one of the highest in the class for both that and Maths. His spelling and writing is really coming on well too. Both Steve and I have a big passion for learning – in fact, Steve is actually going to be retraining as a teacher soon – and so we are keen to keep the passion for learning alive in our son. We like to test him on things when we are out and about using things we can see. We have also recently discovered KS1 quizzes for pupils where he can test out his knowledge in a fun way.

Education quizzes are designed for all children all the way up from KS1 to GCSE. The quizzes are written by teachers and the objective of the site is to help children be successful at school. The KS1 section is fantastic – there are quizzes for pretty much every subject and each subject has a variety of quizzes within. Jack particularly loves the Maths section where he can switch between his 2D shapes, his 3D shapes and addition. Maths is probably his favourite subject so if he is eager to learn and find out more, we are keen to help him. He’s also very into science now – if this passion continues for the next few years, I’ll definitely consider getting him a Physics tutor – I loved physics when I was at school and wish I’d done more with it.

The site is available to all parents and their children for a monthly subscription fee of £9.95. Education Quizzes themselves are quite conscious of the fact that this not may be so affordable to some parents and they are keen to promote the idea to schools – with the schools paying the fee, the students get to benefit from reduced costs – perhaps even £2 per year per student, depending on the number of students in the school. They hope to get more engagement between parents and the school and believe it would certainly help come the next Ofsted inspection.

I will definitely be sharing the resource with Jack’s school – they really encourage parent engagement with their child’s learning and this site really does help to get us involved in the learning process – Jack can also be quite quiet about what he has learned at school and we can be pretty clueless until we speak to a teacher – with him choosing quizzes on the site, we can see exactly what new things he has learned and how far he has progressed since we last had a consultation with his teachers.

They even have a nature blog which Jack enjoyed reading alongside his class blog which we were catching up with. I really do believe this is a fantastic resource. Jack is keen to log on to the site and try new quizzes and for £9.95 a month, it is definitely worth it – I’m going to keep encouraging him to learn whilst he is still happy and eager to as I am sure the passion for learning will wane as he gets older.

How do you encourage your child with their learning?

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