Weekend in pictures.

Looking unimpressed in my new TU@Sainsbury’s maxidress

The boyfriend and mother on their way to pick some fruit
Raspberry bushes…YUM!
Feeling frumpy! Love the dress but my bump wanted to show majorly!
Obligatory posing picture.

The fab bag from Primark my mum bought me for ONE POUND.

Excuse the crumpled bedsheets *shame* – my gorgeous new bedroom
My bargain from Boots – 75p!
The built in dressing table. Steve thinks hes putting a tv on there. I disagree. Its only small..it NEEDS to be covered in cosmetics.
My fab new shower..Much as I love a bath, I adore showers 🙂
Another obligatory posing picture – this time in the bathroom.
My gorgeous new sofa.
Lots of space to put everything…can’t wait to see how our tv looks there..

LOVING my new mirror, my Mum doesn’t look overly impressed though.
The beautiful card Jamie at Camber Sands gave to me & Steve
The gorgeous fruit we picked at the Pick Your Own..raspberries, redcurrants & blackcurrants..unfortunately, there were barely any strawberries left.

We passed by an ostrich farm selling burgers, sausages etc. Steve went to enquire about prices, and came out with these. Disappointed to tell you that they taste like normal sausages. Worth a try though.

Don’t worry, this wasn’t the ostrich we ate. This little thing was just a week old….. how adorable?
The fantastic crystal cut glasses Jamie gave us.
About to settle down to read this book – yes, I AM a WWE fan… and according to Twitter, so are quite a few of you :p
So what did you do this weekend? 🙂

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  1. Looks like you have had a fab week hun! You look totally gorgeous in your new dress and the bump is so cute 🙂 Love the new sofa and bedroom, lovely colours 🙂 xxx

  2. I love all of these pictures 🙂 your new place looks lovely and so cosy!!

    i love your maxi dress also, and you look glowiiiing 🙂

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