Tra la la

Just a quick hello πŸ™‚

I have spent most of my evening sorting out the upstairs of my cottage ready for our move in a couple of weeks. Keep pile, charity shop pile, bin pile. Quite happy actually, haven’t kept too much stuff…I’m starting to shake off my hoarding habit…woo!

However, just as I’ve got rid of a load of clothes, I’ve just persuaded Steve to buy me a few maternity items from New Look and Asda.

Oops. Suppose I need them though πŸ™‚ Plus, I gained Boots Advantage Card points on my New Look order, so I’m happy πŸ˜€ (You seriously should check out Treat Street…its fantastic! Once I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy, I shall be buying all my baby stuff from and Mothercare’s website, & gain some points!!)

I shall post some pictures of my new clothes once I receive them.

What have you all been doing today?

On one last note, STEPS ARE REFORMING. This news actually made my day, as I was having a pretty rubbish day today tbh.

Who’ll come with me to come & see them?


Have a great evening xo

3 thoughts on “Tra la la

  1. How did you manage to get Boots points on your New Look order?

    Most of my stuff there's just one pile – Get Rid Of It :))

    No seriously I have to do a clearout and you've just reminded me. But it's always – I can't be bothered I'm too tired or, I've just come back from work and I'll have to start going through everything then just to sort one thing out.

    Depends how much the tickets are lol.

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