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These Tommee Tippee products were sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Olivia has now been weaning for a couple of months and is doing well. As I’ve mentioned before, we have been letting Olivia explore different things – finger foods, purees etc. She loves a pouch when out and about and loves her porridge in the morning.

Apart from a few small bowls and a few spoons, we didn’t have much in the way of weaning implements but were recently asked if we would like to review some items from fabulous baby brand Tommee Tippee so it made sense to ask if we could review some weaning items. We opted for some Easy Scoop Feeding Bowls and one of the Magic Mats.

Olivia currently alternates between her booster seat with tray or her highchair at mealtimes – in the mornings we just don’t have the time or energy to get the highchair out so her booster seat gets pulled out ready for porridge time. I was wondering if the Magic Mat would work with the booster seat but I needn’t have worried as the mat sticks to all flat surfaces!

Let me tell you about the items we received and what we thought about them.

The Easy Scoop Feeding bowls are stackable which makes them easy to store – always a bonus. They have a triangular base and an ergonomic handle for better grip. These work with the Magic Mat which is why we chose them. They are suitable for babies from 7 months and they are BPA free. They’re also dishwasher, microwave and steriliser safe.

So what did we think? The bowls are a great shape and are a decent size for growing babies. The bowls we currently have for Olivia are tiny and the shape is quite difficult plus it is super easy for Olivia to knock it over or put her hands in it and get the food absolutely everywhere. With this bowl I can keep a good grip if not using the Magic Mat and can make Olivia’s porridge with ease without worrying about the bowl overflowing with porridge – her other bowls are so small!


The Magic Mats work with all Tommee Tippee bowls and plates which is fantastic. They are designed to hold the bowls and plates in place using the suction device in the middle of the mat. This makes it so much easier and less messier to feed your baby – although mine has given it a real good go at still making a mess even with those! It is wipe clean, is suitable for babies from the age of 7 months, is BPA free and also dishwasher, microwave and steriliser safe.

As you can see from one of the above pictures, when a Tommee Tippee bowl or plate is attached to the mat, it is stuck there completely. The mat itself sticks to all flat surfaces as mentioned above but I do have to admit that Olivia has been able to peel it off on a couple of occasions when she is one of her more spirited moods – not so helpful when her bowl is full of food. However if your child isn’t determined to be a little monkey, this will stick there perfectly and won’t move unless you decide to remove it. The suction works well and it is super easy to clean which is just what you need from a weaning product.

Would I recommend? I’d say mostly yes. You’d have to be careful with the Magic Mat if you have a very spirited child – I’d have been okay with Jack as he didn’t really muck around at mealtimes but Olivia is a nightmare for it – but if your child isn’t so spirited, you won’t encounter any problems. The bowls are a great addition to our weaning products as they are the perfect size, shape and grip for both mother and baby plus they are easy to store – just what every mum wants!

Have you ever tried any of the Tommee Tippee weaning products?


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  1. I’ve been looking at these bowls as My LO is coming up to the 7 month stage soon and likes to hold her spoon when we feed her currently. It’s great they have suction cups at the bottom to stop it moving!

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