How To Stop Your Necklaces Getting Tangled

I haven’t been wearing necklaces recently due to the fact I have a really grabby seven month old who loves nothing more than tugging on a necklace or a bit of hair, no matter how much pain it causes you. One problem I have always found though is necklaces tangling. I’ve got some top tips to stop that happening in the future for you!

You’ve just bought yourself a few new necklaces and there’s a few new fabulous designs you’ll surely adore that you are very likely to purchase too. You want to store them safely where they won’t get tangled – so what do you do?

Utilise Storage

Many people swear by key holders to keep their necklaces apart – a simple storage hack that you probably wouldn’t have thought of! You could also purchase a jewellery organiser, specially made to keep your items from tangling. You can get a jewellery organiser or a key holder from plenty of places on the high street and even online so you will be spoilt for choice for storage options for your jewellery.

Give Straws A Go

Using household items as hacks seems to be a big thing and this is a really great idea which takes something most people have in their kitchen cupboard and utilising them for something else. Cut some straws in half then feed your necklaces through them, one by one, making sure a little bit is hanging out of each end so it can be clasped shut. Then you can simply store them away until you need them – keep your sterling silver necklaces for women safe and untangled and ready for the next time that you just want to grab them and go!

If They’re Already Tangled…Use Baby Powder

May seem crazy but if your necklaces are already tangled, place the chain on a clean plate, sprinkle with powder and the knot will loosen, enabling you to detangle with a needle or something similar. Just remember to rinse afterwards!

How often do you find that your necklaces have got tangled? Will you be taking any of my tips on board – whether that is to prevent it happening again or to finally detangle some necklaces that you have missed wearing due to the massive knot in them? I’m definitely going to be investing in some storage for mine – after all, jewellery makes an outfit doesn’t it – so we need to look after our pieces because no one else will!


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