Visiting Chessington World of Adventures This Half Term With My Merlin Annual Pass – SALE NOW ON!

Merlin Annual Pass is providing us with a year of fun for our family. This half term we have visited Chessington World of Adventures to check out the rides they had on offer – Jack was very excited to get on the Gruffalo ride; so excited in fact that he dressed up completely in his Gruffalo clothing. That’s dedication for you. As always, we took our Merlin Annual pass as shown below to get into the attraction. Merlin annual passes are fantastic – not only do you get entry to a number of different UK attractions, you also get discounts at food vendors and other different things at the different attractions which is very handy!

Chessington World of Adventures is just a short drive away from us so we got there in good time. After our trip to Legoland where we still have loads to do and will be going back to, we really wanted to maximise our time at the park so bought two of the Fast Track tickets, getting a discount on these because of our Merlin passes. Unfortunately two of the rides weren’t working at Chessington this day or were under maintenance so we couldn’t use the Fast Track for those but they said we could reuse Fast Track on any other rides on the ticket.

We did ask which would be a good Fast Track ticket for Jack as he is only 5 and we were recommended one – however it turned out Jack wasn’t tall enough for most of the rides on the ticket which was a little disappointing. Fast Track tickets can be used by anyone in the group so both Steve and I could have ridden on all of the rides however we had bought the tickets to use with Jack so didn’t use them on these rides.

However we did manage to get on plenty of rides; especially the one Jack was most excited about so all’s well that ends well. We will bear this in mind when buying Fast track style tickets at attractions in the future – we will definitely make sure Jack can ride on all or the majority of the rides before purchasing.

The Rides

We managed to get on a number of different rides – we didn’t manage to get photos of all of them though as some are inside and quite dark or led to us getting very wet – I wasn’t keeping my phone or camera out to get soaked! The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure was lots of fun – there’s a sign saying you will get wet and you go round the ride as the story progresses and you think that you’re at the end – and then suddenly you get soaked! It was great fun and Jack was super glad to be able to get on that ride – it was actually one of the first rides he went on at the park. We also went into Tomb Blaster which turned out to be one of Jack’s favourites – I may have had to help him a little with aiming his laser gun but we had plenty of fun trying to hit the targets!

We managed to also go on some other rides as you can see above – we actually managed to get on quite a few in the last ten minutes thanks to our Fast Track tickets – definitely made them worth their while!

The Animals

Chessington has plenty to offer in the way of animals. Not only do they have a spacious Sea Life centre on site but they also have the zoo and the Zufari ride for you to see different animals such as flamingos, rhinos and giraffes. We all visited the Sea Life centre and the zoo together but when it came to Zufari, Steve and Jack went on the truck and got up close and personal with some gorgeous animals!

We love that Chessington has so much to offer children of all ages – rides, animals, splash zones. Literally everything a child could ever want from an adventure park. As you can see, one of the giraffes was right up next to the truck – how amazing is that?

The Food

There is plenty of different food options on site and we were really spoilt for choice. Of course we got our Merlin Annual pass discount on whatever option we went for and we eventually opted for the burger and chips restaurant, the Vampire Burger Kitchen. There was plenty of food to choose from and the burgers were super tasty – we will definitely be heading back there for a burger next time we go to Chessington.

Now…does a Merlin pass sound attractive to you? Why not pick one up for you and your family?


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I am a Merlin Annual Pass Blogger Ambassador, I was given a Merlin Annual Pass to do this review with my family and I was not paid to do this post. If anyone would like to confirm any details in the post, please email

16 thoughts on “Visiting Chessington World of Adventures This Half Term With My Merlin Annual Pass – SALE NOW ON!

  1. That’s a great price for the amount of uses you could get out of it. I’d love to visit chessington when my little man is a bit older

  2. I used to have a Merlin pass when I was younger as I didn’t live too far from Chessignton. Me and my best friend at the time used to go every weekend it was so much fun, it is great that they have a sale on x

  3. I haven’t been to chessington in about 20 years, but I would love to go back with my daughter when she is older.

  4. I haven’t been to Chessington for several years, however we are going in the summer for an animal feeding adventure so It was good to read your review of the park! x

  5. I always really wanted a Merlin pass when I was younger!
    I love Thorpe Park, but I’ve yet to go to Chessington – might have to take my nephew 🙂

    Dani x

  6. I was desperate for an annual pass when I was younger! My friends had them but I didn’t so it was always super expensive if I wanted to go 🙁

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