Updating Our Bedrooms On An Affordable Budget

I’ve made no secret of the fact that we plan to move soon. We currently live in a tiny two bed end of terrace house and still have Olivia in our room. We would put her in Jack’s room if we could but we just don’t have the space – his bedroom is tiny!

We are looking to move into a local three or four bed property and have so much we want to do when moving into somewhere new. We’ve already said we have a lot of stuff we want to update – a lot of our furniture and kitchen appliances have been with us for years and it would be nice to update those. One such thing is beds.

Jack has had the most recent change of bed – we bought him his very own single bed when we found out we were having Olivia as he was still using the toddler bed his cot converted into. With Olivia moving from cot to bed in a few months time (she is already trying to escape constantly from her cot), hoping to have a spare room for people to stay and also potentially adding more to our family, we are in definite need of new beds.

However these can get super expensive, don’t you find? When we first moved in here, we brought our cheap shoddy quality bed from our old house and it broke fairly quickly. We then forked out a lot more for a new bed and whilst it is good quality, I am not prepared to pay that much money again in the future, just for somewhere to lay my head at night. I want to be comfy and cosy but not at a complete premium when there are alternatives on offer.

Rhema Kallianpur

As I will be buying quite a few beds at once, I want them to be cheap but still good quality. People often say the two don’t go hand in hand but I disagree. Companies are realising that sometimes having lower prices works much better in their favour without compromising on quality – they can sell more and make more when lower in price than perhaps their rival can with their products at a premium. It all depends on the customers and their bank balance – and with so many of us now tightening the purse strings, we are more likely to avoid the extortionate and opt for the cheaper option as they’re both exactly the same, quality wise.

With companies such as DivanBedsCentre¬†claiming to be cheap on price but not quality, you’d be a fool to pay extreme prices for something you could get for much less. I am always looking to save money when I am buying things and with so many other things to pay for, I will be aiming to get the most for my money. I think most of us mums are the same, don’t you?

I must admit I am considering getting everyone ottoman storage beds – after living here with such a lack of storage for so long, I am all for decent storage options. If the storage option doubles up as a bed then fabulous – two things for the price of one, don’t you agree?

I actually can’t wait to update my bedroom – although I barely spend any time in there, it is meant to be a haven and I’d love to actually have a bedroom that feels like one. Here’s hoping I get it soon.



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