Getting Our Garden Ready For Summer

If you saw my back garden right now, you’d be horrified. It needs some care and attention so bad but the problem is it keeps raining – the odd time we have had enough sunshine to do anything, Steve has been working (he’s currently helping my brother out at his work). It is on the to do list for this weekend if our gardener friend doesn’t come round however we do have a slight problem in that we don’t really have the necessary tools. We have a cheap lawnmower and a very temperamental strimmer which decides to just not work half the time. These were provided by the people we rent from but they’re useless and we don’t currently have the money to buy new tools when the ones supplied should really work.

However if you saw my front garden, you’d be impressed. Steve got really motivated (and a little frustrated) with our front garden this past weekend and decided it needed to finally properly be ready for summer. He used the cheap tools to mow down the grass and get rid of the stinging nettles. We’ve already said that when we eventually move out, we’ll be picking up some good quality but affordable tools from SGS, things we know will do the job properly.

 Annie Spratt

He’s also cut down the bush outside our front door – it grows wildly out of control so quickly, it’s so hard to keep on top of and is a haven for insects, especially ants. Its not nice for us to walk past let alone post workers, parcel delivery workers or anyone else who needs to walk up our path to have to walk past it so down it came. Now I can actually get some sunshine into my living room when I am sitting, working on the sofa like I am now.

Now that our front garden is ready for the summer, its time to get the back garden sorted. I’ll battle through the stinging nettles to get the temperamental strimmer out of the shed and get them cut down and gone. Whilst our back garden certainly isn’t perfect for kids (it goes down in a slope style fashion), it would still be nice for them to have somewhere they can go out and have a kickabout with a football or just somewhere I am happy to hang out washing without wishing I was somewhere else!

Hopefully my garden will soon be ready for summer but I do wish I had some better tools to do the job – I don’t think many people would be happy with strimmers and lawnmowers that decide to give up the ghost halfway through, would they? Is your garden ready for summer yet?


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