Trying New Things In 2018

As we start the last day of 2017, I’ve been looking back at my year. Whilst I’ve certainly got up to a lot this year, I cannot quite say that I have completed all of my goals – and on that note, check back later today for my 2017 goals recap.

What I have noticed is that I have been quite comfortable this year – doing things I am used to, things I know all about and not trying anything new. Putting myself out there and entering writing competitions? Yep, that didn’t really happen. Trying a new sport? Nope, a newborn baby put paid to that.

I had so many goals for 2017 – I knew I wouldn’t necessarily complete all of them but still, the majority would have been nice. They say that trying something new has some incredible benefits so why am I not putting myself out there more, giving things a try?

Steve isn’t afraid to try anything once and I often wish I was more like him. So I hope that I can make 2018 the year of trying something new. So what do I want to do this year that’s new for me?

Zain Bhatti

Try A New Food

I am quite lucky that I am one of the least pickiest eaters I know – especially in comparison to Steve and Jack! I regret not taking the chance to try snails or frog legs in France when I was there (even if they sound disgusting) and I always hated the idea of sushi, tried it and now love it. I want to try at least one new food this year – although there is still, of course, some things I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole

Holiday Somewhere Different

I am so used to city breaks or staycationing in the UK. I would love to try something different for the whole family. My cousin has been working in the Alps at a ski school for a year or so now and I love catching up with what he’s been up to – maybe a holiday in France and some lessons at The Snow School are just what I need to take me out of my comfort zone.

Branch Out A Little More In My Freelance Work

As I get further and further into my freelance career, I am adding more and more strings to my bow. As I work and learn more, I hope to be able to offer more services.

Get A New Hobby

Finally, I want to find something new to do outside of the house. I’ve tried zumba and other fitness classes, I’ve gone to baby groups. I’m thinking of trying the local book club or running club this time around, what do you think?

Do you plan on trying something new in 2018?

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