Top Tips For Freezing Food With A Vacuum Sealer

You can save tonnes of money if you put your vacuum cleaner to good use. However, if you buy the machine and put it on your kitchen counter for no apparent reason, then you won’t neither see its important nor reap its benefits, but if you start to use it on a regular basis, it will ensure your food lasts for long: this means you can buy a lot of food and cook all of them at once. With this sealer, you can save not only money, but also a lot of time, that you would otherwise be spending doing other important things in your life.

In this guide, there are eight useful tips on how to use a vacuum sealer to freeze food. Continue to read on to find out more.

Pre-freezing your food

Have you ever wondered what happens when you place fresh berries in a cold bag and get rid of air? The fruits become squished. You can pre-freeze food items such as veggies, fruits, cookie sheets, as well as meatballs. In addition, you can pre-freeze food sauces such as pastas and soups in plastic containers. Before pre-freezing your food, pack it with a spatula or a spoon to remove traces of air bubbles. Once you freeze the food, remove them and seal them with the vacuum sealer.

Freezing cooked food and uncooked food

Some meals such as sauces and soups reheat decently. However, for other types of foods, you may have to collect them and freeze them with your vacuum cleaner without cooking. For instance, if you have 3-pound package ground turkey, you can mix three sets of raw meatballs. If you have meatballs on your menu, there isn’t much work to be done, but still, you will get a freshly prepared meal with less effort. Freeze foods are ideal because they save you a lot of time, especially when cooking dinners.

You should always label your packages

It won’t be easy to memorize all the food packages you have stored. For instance, can you remember the fifth package of tomato sauce that you prepared in January? A couple of months later, when you add your sauce over pasta, you discover you have just poured beans in chili. Therefore, it is always advisable to name your food packages. Write the name of the food and the date you prepared it. Use a permanent marker to write on the food containers because its ink does not fade away easily.

Not just for freezer

Notably, a vacuum sealer can help extend the life of dishes in your pantry or refrigerator. For instance, if you purchase a large amount of cheddar, you can use your vacuum sealer to freeze half of the stock until you finish the first chunk.  Consider, vacuum sealing to extend the life of dry goods. However, you should ensure there is a barrier between the sealer and powders. As an example, make sure flour remains in its initial packaging and then seal the entire package.

Double recipes, freeze the extra

From now henceforth, make sure that you double all your meals as freezing will keep them well. If you are not using any food any time soon, preserve them by freeing them with your vacuum sealer, it will preserve the dish at its top. Also, you can use disposable foil pans to store foods such as enchiladas. Get two trays of enchiladas, prepare one for supper and seal the other tray. When you want to eat your enchiladas, just defrost and heat your food in the oven.

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Bags for your vacuum sealer

Consider purchasing a special bag for your vacuum sealer. The bags are specially made for the vacuum sealer machine, and there is so much you can do with them. You can use the bag to prevent moisture and air out of the seal. The bag also ensures the machine seals tight.

Portion your bags well

You can clean and reuse your bag, except those ones used on raw meats or contaminated ones. But it will save time to freeze your dishes in a bag. You can purchase your beef, put it into three even proportion and freeze them simultaneously.

You can be your own butcher

You will save a lot of money now that you are using your sealer on meat. You can purchase as much meat as you can from a warehouse store, place them into proportions and freeze them for later use.


Many people have vacuum sealers in their homes but have never thought of a creative way to use them. However, a vacuum sealer can save you a lot of time and money. In addition, it is a convenient machine. Buy your food, freeze them and store them for as long as you wish, without them becoming stale.


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