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Item sent for purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

If you are anything like me, you will know the perils of letting your kids watch the TV channels. All the toys and games promoted in the ads are added to the birthday and Christmas wish lists and you hear cries of ‘I want that, I want that!’. Well there has been one thing that Jack has wanted for ages – a Stikbot set – and when offered the chance to review one, he just couldn’t wait!

We were sent the Stikbot Pirate Movie Set from Brainstorm Ltd – find out more about the range here – and Jack couldn’t wait to get started. Stikbot say ‘you create, you animate, you share’ and Jack was keen to get cracking – making his own story up and using the free Stikbot mobile app to create his own film. He’s only six so found it a little tricky to begin with – after all, stop motion animation can be tricky for us adults – but he has persevered and is hoping to record some films for our YouTube channel over the summer holidays! Jack is super creative and I loved the stories he was coming up with when we first set up the set so I can’t wait to see what movies he makes in a couple of weeks time!

Daddy helped Jack to get everything set up in the first place – inside the box were a double sided backdrop and four foam boards with numbered pieces so that you can put the ship and accessories together, following the instructions which tell you which numbers go with which. Once put together, you have the ship, a treasure chest with a flip lid for the treasure, some boats and oars, some cannons, sharks and palm trees – all the things you’d definitely expect to see in a pirate movie!

As you can see, once it is set up in the way you want it, it is extremely impressive! The set also comes with the obligatory Stikbot figure with some pirate accessories as you can see above. The stickers included in the box are stick on clothes so you can change the appearance of your figure if you wish.

I loved watching Jack set it up exactly how he wanted it – playing with it and making up stories before picking up my phone and giving the app a try. We are going to be practicing some more over the next few weeks on our pirate movies and hope to be sharing some soon – we’re hoping to find a perfect backdrop for it too.

The Stikbot pirate movie set is for ages 4+ and retails at £21.99 on Amazon here {affiliate link}. Whilst I would say that the set itself is definitely suitable for the age group and encourages imaginative play and creativity, younger children may find the stop animation of the app a little tricky and require some practice or some assistance. I know Jack is keen to keep practicing to get it perfect!

All in all though, we have been very impressed with the set and Jack is super keen to get some more sets for the future. Are your kids into the Stikbot sets?


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