The Magic Of A Moment

It is amazing what memories and moments photographs can capture. You look back on a photo and remember all those good times, all those experiences. The magic of a moment is something unforgettable but sometimes we take ages to get the perfect photo because of lighting issues.

My mum recently found some photos from when I was younger and one in particular caught my eye. I don’t own many pictures of myself from when I was younger and definitely not many of my family and I – we just didn’t seem to take them in recent years. Back when I was little though, the camera always seemed to be out and ever since my Dad passed away, those photos mean so much more.

Whilst my Dad isn’t in the below picture, it means so much to me for various reasons. It seems like an ‘of the moment’ snapshot where the light just happened to be right and I just happened to be doing something. Of course, this was 25+ years ago so it is never going to be as amazing as those taken today but why is this picture so special to me?

For me, this photo means so much to me as it really captures a moment for me. We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful village and have some lovely family friendly pubs with amazing pub gardens. When I was little, we used to go down to one of the local pubs every Sunday afternoon and meet my uncles, aunties, cousins and other family. I have a big family so it was always lots of fun and no one week was the same. I used to look forward to Sundays just so we could go down, see family and I could stuff my face with cheese and onion crisps. Even if my mum decided not to come down and visited her side of the family instead, I’d still go down there with my dad, having a daddy daughter day. This is why it means so much, it showcases time spent with my Dad that I, of course, can’t get back and will no longer have but which I look upon fondly.

Panasonic have recently unveiled their brand new camera which is an exciting high performance low light camera. You can see more about it here:

This definitely seems like a great camera for all situations – I love that it can be used in low light too. It will really help you to capture your own magic moments.

What magic moments do you have captured on camera?


10 thoughts on “The Magic Of A Moment

  1. I love looking through old photos and getting the stories from behind them. It’s great to have such lovely memories of time spent with your family and particularly your dad.

    The Lumix camera sounds perfect with its low light capability – so many photos don’t come out how I anticipate because of low light.

  2. This is such a sweet photo and I’m glad it’s brought back so many memories for you. I love the photos from when I’m really young too – everything was so much easier back then!

  3. I love looking through photos from my childhood. My mum took a picture at every opportunity, we have so many that as I get older I’m much more grateful for it. Because at the end of the day, all we have is our memories!

  4. I love the memories that come with photographs, I have so many at home that I look at and they bring such a smile to my face for the sheer fact I remember the moment. It’s a lovely photo of you too Bex, and such a wonderful little memory that goes with it x

  5. I absolutely love photos, and really enjoy going back over them from time to time. My sister in law recently asked me to have a look through mine to find photos of my brother has he has a significant birthday this year. I need to dig out the big box I have, it will be a delight.
    I went digital back in the day when digital was brand new, and enjoy taking even more photos now.
    You look so adorable in that photo of when you were younger, such a special memory.

  6. Aww what a lovely photo. I totally agree, photographs are just so evocative. I have got more and more in to taking photos and really enjoy it. Love the idea of a low light camera, I tried to take photos of the fireworks over new year and was so disappointed by them so love the idea of a camera set up for those situations.

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