Celebrating My 28th Birthday

At the end of this month, I turn 28. Just two more years until the big 3-0. I haven’t really done much on my birthdays in recent years – least of all last year when Olivia was just three weeks old. This year, though, I would like to do something – I’m just not sure what.

Perhaps some drinks with some friends – one of my friends is having drinks next weekend and has said I can make it a joint thing with her. Maybe a meal out with Steve – but that requires babysitting. Maybe booking a last minute party at my local hall – it is affordable and there is sure to be some availability close to my birthday. Yes, I’d need to hire some entertainment quite last minute – I’d use Headliner as they cover all bases (bands, DJ’s, musicians in various genres and various locations – I’m bound to find some entertainment that suits me and my guests) and just hope that my guests could make it fairly last minute.

Why now do I want to do something to celebrate when there is just over two weeks? Well, after participating in the Best Foot Forward linky with other bloggers, I realise that I really don’t do that much for myself or by myself. It would be nice to actually treat myself on my birthday for once whilst doing something special, thinking about me for once.

I’m not getting any younger and birthdays are that one day a year where everything can be about you and it is okay to be a little bit selfish – so why not? A small party, a meal out with family, some drinks with friends – anything would be nice to break the monotone of staying in, don’t you think?

I’m not asking for anything big and fancy – just something a little more special than my day to day for the other 364 days of the year. January is a boring and depressing month as it is, I’d like to liven it up a little. The only problem is everyone is still so poor from Christmas that hardly anyone ever actually makes it out for my birthday – perhaps I should be like the Queen and have two!

I’ve still got just over two weeks to go so I am going to get my thinking cap on and decide what I want to do – I’ll be sure to let you know when I decide. How do you think I should celebrate my birthday this year? Have you got any special ideas – perhaps something unique?



10 thoughts on “Celebrating My 28th Birthday

  1. Happy birthday! My birthday is also in January, although I have ten years on you. and I find it a bit of an anticlimax as everyone is always skint from Christmas or doing dry January!

  2. You definitely need someone to take you out and spoil you. Would you go away for a night without the kids? I think your other half definitely needs to take you to a nice hotel. Tell him Mel said so!

  3. I think it’s so important to take out for yourself and you should definitely try and plan something lovely for your birthday. We tend to escape for the night and my mum stays in my house with the kids meaning less disruption for all x

  4. I think a night off is clearly what you deserve and need! It’s hard with children isn’t it. Whatever you do manage to decide I hope you have a lovely day and enjoy it x

  5. Happy Birthday. I think that babysitting is always quite the stickler for young parents. When my kids were young babysitters in California were paid around $8-10 and now it is more like $10-12. That is a bundle of money spent before you have even done anything. At any rate, enjoy your birthday and have a great year.

  6. I think you will find the perfect way to celebrate your birthday and make it a little more special than the other days. I do agree that January can be a sad month for many.

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