The Little Things

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Everyone has those little things that they would change about themselves, don’t they? Even if they say they don’t. Me and Steve recently had a conversation about this – we were talking about the things we would change if we could. The topic came about after a discussion about laser eye surgery after Olivia had just broken my glasses completely – they’re currently being held together by tape.

Steve asked me if I had ever considered it and then we got onto the topic of other things we would change. One thing I’ve always been self conscious about is my nose – it seems big and bulbous compared to the rest of my face and I really dislike it. I also know that once I finally lose this baby weight, I’m going to be left with some loose skin, especially around my tummy, so I wouldn’t mind a bit of tidying up there if the funds and situation would allow.

We’ve had friends have surgery to change the little things that get to them – and they feel so much better for it. Some of my friends have considered surgery but decided not to go ahead too – that’s their prerogative. Whilst I am not currently in a situation to actually go through with it right now, it is always something I have considered and may get to in the future – we’re actually eventually planning on relocating to Canada so perhaps visiting the plastic surgery Toronto will be on the cards.

I know that sometimes some people can live with the little things that they would change and sometimes for other people, it can really take over their life. I can live day to day with mine but it does make me quite self conscious so why wouldn’t I take the opportunity to make myself feel a little better? Especially when I see other mums at the school gate with perfect features and looking pristine. They say comparison is the theft of joy and they are right – I really shouldn’t be comparing myself but it is so hard not to. I bet you compare yourself too – it is so difficult to not actually do it!

Whatever happens, it is handy to know this is an option. Would you change anything about yourself?

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