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Last of the Summer Moet is the brand new book from the renowned author, Wendy Holden. Read on for an extract and a giveaway…


Carinthia and Wyatt had not returned from lunch, nor had Brad Plant returned any of her calls, or answered any of her emails. Possibly, as it often went with big celebrities, the whole interview was off and he had not yet bothered to tell her. Perhaps – ghastly thought – he had gone with one of Society’s rivals. The idea gnawed unbearably at Laura, who was compulsively competitive, especially over any feature that had been her idea. This determination to protect her journalistic territory came, she was sure, from her father.

A new set of proofs waited on her desk and Laura started diligently to work her way through them. As she did so, the conviction she was reading a parody of Society magazine returned. The feature was a set of short profiles of ‘London’s Hottest Totty’, which seemed both outdated and offensive.

Carinthia routinely countered such objections with the claim that Society was simultaneously ironic and above political correctness. She prided herself in her intolerance of such social advances as breastfeeding in public and transgender toilets, although had learnt not to say so before Laura, who, with Vlad in mind, defended the latter in particular against the editor’s contention that it was liberalism gone mad.

And anyway, Laura thought, reading on, wasn’t liberalism, however mad, infinitely preferable to such ‘hot totty’ as Lady Squiffy Potsdam who took her maltipoo daily to Harrod’s pet spa for claw polishes, blow-dries and a blueberry face mask? Or society artist Rupi von Rumtopf, here described as ‘the best thing out of Austria since Mozart’ and whose art involved taking photos of pieces of priceless porcelain a split second after he’d blown them up.

Imagining Harry reading all this, Laura cringed. They were meeting later, to see the new Bond film. This starred Laura’s friend and sometime lover Caspar, a formerly struggling actor who had shot to fame last year. She had vaguely hoped Harry might be a bit jealous, but he had been characteristically taciturn on the subject.

As Carinthia had still not showed, Laura thought about bunking off early and tidying up her flat in advance of Harry’s visit. Not being subject to the same name-and-shame regime as her desk, it habitually looked as if had been burgled. Most of the rest of the staff had gone anyway, the few, that was, who came in on the last day of the week and weren’t Friday-to-Mondaying at someone’s country house. Laura had been surprised, when she started at Society, just how many of the staff spent their weekends hunting, shooting or attending elaborate balls amid ancestral acres.

For some people it was as if the twentieth century had never happened.

About The Author & The Book

Author bio

Number-one bestselling author Wendy Holden was a journalist on Tatler, The Sunday Times, and the Mail on Sunday before becoming an author. She has since written ten consecutive Sunday Times Top Ten bestsellers. She lives in Derbyshire.                        

Book description

Top reporter Laura Lake has struck journalistic gold.

She’s discovered a super-exclusive English village where the rich and famous own weekend retreats. Where film stars, Turner-prize winners and Cabinet ministers park their helicopters outside the gastropub and buy £100 sourdough loaves from the deli.

Outsiders are strictly forbidden. But luckily Laura’s best friend Lulu, a logo-obsessed socialite with a heart as huge as her sunglasses, suddenly fancies a quiet life in the country. The door to this enchanted rural idyll opens for Laura. Revealing a great professional opportunity.

Can Laura write an exposé before the snobbish villagers suss her true identity? And before the world’s poshest pub quiz triggers a political scandal not seen since Profumo?

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  1. I’m off on my honeymoon soon and this looks like a really good read to take with me to read when I’m relaxing on the beach.

  2. I would love to win a copy…i recently discovered Wendy Holden when my sister lent me one of her books and i couldn’t put it down. Would love to read another.

  3. Love Wendy Holden and it’s the only one so far that I haven’t read. She always manages to make me smile and is a great “good feel” author. My favourite is the Honeymoon Suite at the moment.

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